‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ POLL: Who Does Steffy Belong with Liam or Wyatt? VOTE!

'The Bold and the Beautiful' POLL: Who Does Steffy Belong with Liam or Wyatt? VOTE!Many “Bold and the Beautiful” viewers are loving all the soapy drama that’s resulted from Liam’s (Scott Clifton) sudden reappearance. Wyatt (Darin Brooks) was there for Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) when she needed him and they quickly began a life together. However, there’s no denying that Steffy has some lingering feelings for Liam. What’s a girl to do?

We’ll undoubtedly see Steffy feel torn about which man to choose. There are pros and cons with either of these Spencers. First, we have Liam. It wasn’t his fault Quinn (Rena Sofer) held him captive, but he was pretty horrible to Steffy just before he dropped off the map.

Liam constantly changes his mind about which woman is his true love. If Liam ditched Ivy (Ashleigh Brewer) for Steffy, who’s to say he wouldn’t dump Steffy the moment Hope (Kim Matula) came around? Since B&B rumors hint that a Hope recast could be on the way, Steffy should be afraid – VERY afraid.

On the other hand, the heart wants what it wants. Based on how things have played out, Steffy seems head over heels for Liam. Her marriage to Wyatt may not be able to change that. “The Bold and the Beautiful” has portrayed Steffy and Liam as the couple to root for thus far. For what it’s worth, Liam is going to fight for Steffy. That should count for something.

Then, there’s Wyatt. He’s treated like an inadequate Spencer who always comes in second to Liam. Isn’t it about time Wyatt came in first for once? Wyatt cares about Steffy and he’s shown her nothing but love.

Of course, Wyatt was ready to marry Ivy not too long ago. It wasn’t a great idea to rush into another relationship so soon. Nevertheless, Wyatt usually goes all in and loves hard. Steffy and Wyatt have some nice chemistry, so that’s something to take into account.

Still, the hasty marriage raises a few red flags. Was Wyatt trying to trap Steffy – even subconsciously? Regardless, Steffy has quite a decision on her hands. If you were making the choice for her, which Spencer would you choose? Vote in our poll and stay tuned to see where this storyline is headed.

So B&B fans, do you want Steffy paired with Liam or Wyatt? Which one is a better match for her character? Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. Tali salman‬‎ says

    Wyatt is not a liar he wants to be happy he is very frustrated that Liam has every thing and his fathers love he wants to be himself and to be appreciated for some things. He some times forgets that he can’t compete with his broher that gets all the things he wants so he is in the middle of a bettle for Steffy and to keep his job at SPENCER.

    1. Terri says

      Don’t you mean to keep Liam’s job at Spencer?

  2. ilisala608 says

    Wyatt just stop. Let her go because you are just her second choice.She didn’t marry you because she wanted to she married you because she was vulnerable;e and thought Liam didn’t want her. You are the rebound guy get over it and move on. Liam its time to release your dark side and show Wyatt and his mom who they are messing with. #DollarBillsGuildetoRevenge Wyatt also stop rewriting history to suit your purposes. She didn’t marry you because she loves you she married you because your mother is manipulative psycho. How can any bride look back on her day and feel happy after finding out her monster-in-law did this to keep her away from the man she loves.Everything you are is based off a lie. I can’t believe how much this boy is reaching to keep a woman who dose not want to be kept by you.

  3. Lori Johnson says

    its the whole hope/Liam/wyatt again the only reason Hope Stayed with Wyatt was because she was pregnant and lost the baby thanks to Quinn and she has done it again why doesnt Wyatt realize this and back away and leave
    and the bad part is Wyatt knew his mother was involved but chose not to tell Steffy before they got married and let Steffy make her own choice about marring Wyatt after knowing Quinn was the last to see Liam

  4. Dee says

    Steffy needed to grow up & is now a woman who makes decisions of her own free will instead of manipulating her way into so called love. She wanted Rick & Oliver. Oliver being Hope’s first love. She was in love with Bill for a minute, banged her head in the bathtub and suddenly fell in love with Liam. Liam was in love with Hope and Steffy forced her to watch that despicable wedding on top of the mountain stuck in the gondola. (Immaturity led her to chase after men who loved Hope first, with the exception of Rick who is Hope’s brother)
    With Hope long gone.
    Steffy’s relationship with Wyatt is a breath of fresh air, he did not force her to tattoo their wedding bands even after she knew Liam was alive. She could have chosen to annul their marriage, instead she took it a step further and solidified their vows with the tattoo wedding band. Liam even noticed it. Liam and Steffy are yesterday’s news his statement to his brother ‘Step aside and give me what’s mine’ is borderline

  5. alayna safar says

    She’s better with wyatt! Her and liam are borring! Bring hope back for liam and leave steffy with wyatt..

  6. Sherry Hutt says

    Steffy does not belong with either of these men. She did so much bad to Hope has everyone forgotten all of that. Steffy is not so sweetand innocent

    1. Tonya Carswell says

      Steffy is sweet an innocent if loan didn’t want steffy then she wouldn’t of got him if liam loved hope how did steffy get him I always heard if it was yours then noone will be able to come in between it

  7. Jynx0854 says

    Liam is an idiot. He can’t make a decision.. so u snooze u lose.

  8. Tali salman‬‎ says

    I think that Steffy should stay with Wyatt Liam dont Know what he wants he just don”t want Wyatt to have it a life with Steffy. No body force Steffy into a merrid life with Wyatt she excpted. Nothing to do with Quinn. She can’t blame any body for her decision to be with Wyatt. Even Bill is on Wyatt’s side and talillng Liam to leave them alon.I don”t agree that Steffy is not in love with Wyatt she feels bad for Liam after the time he was with Quinn. Wyatt loves Steffy he wanted her for a long time and he is not about to give her up for his brother.

  9. ThomCat says

    By the time Steffy realizes she wants to be with Liam, she’ll be pregnant to Wyatt. A baby would trump anything for her. She couldn’t/wouldn’t lose another one.

  10. Tonya Carswell says

    She belong with liam an they not boring they love eachother she don’t love Wyatt she married Wyatt cause liam was out the picture if liam was there she never would of married of him or nothing

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