‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ POLL: Do You Want Thomas with Sasha or Caroline? VOTE!

'The Bold and the Beautiful' POLL: Do You Want Thomas with Sasha or Caroline? VOTE!“The Bold and the Beautiful” fans have been watching Thomas (Pierson Fode) and Sasha (Felisha Cooper) grow closer lately. They’ve been opening up to each other and it’s clear that this friendship could become a real romance. Of course, Thomas undoubtedly has some lingering feelings for Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) as well.

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) ended his marriage to Caroline because of her spark with Thomas. He didn’t want to stand in the way of their love or their ability to raise Thomas together. However, Caroline can’t just forget about everything she shared with Ridge. She needs some time to process the loss of this relationship.

Caroline revealed her intentions to Thomas before taking her trip to New York. She added that she didn’t expect him to wait around on her. Thomas certainly doesn’t seem to be doing that. He’s already cozying up to Sasha. “The Bold and the Beautiful” may have a love triangle in store. B&B viewers will definitely want to stay tuned.

Thomas could soon be torn between Sasha and Caroline. He may not be sure which one he should ultimately give his heart to. Each woman brings something different to the table. Thomas could easily find himself leaning in either direction.

Sasha offers something exciting and new. Thomas has been trying to ditch his playboy mentality, but it isn’t something that comes naturally to him. Sasha might provide the best of both worlds. She’s a bit of a firecracker, but she also has a softer side.

Thomas is learning more about Sasha and he appreciates the things they have in common. They’ve been connecting over the issues they have with their fathers. Thomas and Sasha have both struggled to find love, too. Nothing ever seems to stick, but maybe that’s about to change.

Still, Thomas has been longing for Caroline ever since he returned to Los Angeles. Now that they have a son, that’s only strengthened their bond. Once Caroline and Douglas are back in Thomas’ orbit, his old desires may resurface. Thomas may decide that Caroline is the only one he sees a future with.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” fans will be anxious to see what’s next for Thomas. We’ll give you updates as other news comes in, but we want to know your thoughts on Thomas’ perfect match. Do you want Thomas with Sasha or Caroline? Vote in our B&B poll and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Bold and the Beautiful” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. gailloper says

    Sasha wants a friendship she is not ready for a lover after Julius turned his back on her for all those years

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