‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ POLL: Who Do You Think Should Run Forrester Creations? VOTE!

Forrester_Creations_ImageForrester Creations has been through many changes over the years. Throughout it’s almost 30-year run ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ has seen numerous CEO’s at their main fashion house, Forrester Creations.

There is another change in the CEO seat at Forrester, Eric has decided to come back and run the company again! But is Eric the best person at the helm? Who do you think should be CEO?

Rick [Jacob Young] has wanted CEO position back for a long time now would he be a better CEO?  Ridge’s secret is out and the fallout has begun. Predictably, as soon as Rick found out that Ridge wasn’t Douglas’ biological father he has been trying to use it to his advantage.

When the truth was revealed there was a fight for the position of CEO at the Los Angeles fashion house. Rick is not the only one who would be happy running a multi-million dollar company. Having said all of that, who B&B fans, do you think should take over Forrester Creations?

The possible candidates are Eric Forrester [John McCook] who held the position for many years but gave it up, do you think Eric should stay as the CEO? Then there is Thomas who has no experience of what it is like to run such a big company, would you like to see him take over? What about Steffy [Jacqueline McInnes Woods]? It would be good to see a female in charge for a change. Or should Rick be successful in overthrowing Ridge and running FC once again?

Should someone else run the company Caroline for example? Or Brooke [Katherine Kelly Lang]? Who do you think should be the CEO of Forrester Creations? Take the poll!

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