‘General Hospital’ News: Ashley Jones Dishes About Professor Parker’s GH Return

'General Hospital' News: Ashley Jones Dishes About Professor Parker's GH Return‘General Hospital’ spoilers reveal that Ashley Jones will be back as Parker Forsyth next week. With the new issue of the Soap Opera Digest Magazine come details of Jones’ upcoming return. Next Week fans will finally see Parker and Kristina [Lexi Ainsworth] come face to face after a long break from each other.

Jones just gave birth to her son Hayden and reported back to work not even a month after. Jones told SOD that while she returned to the set her mom took over the child care responsibilities. “It was no small feat to go back to work that fast,” she shared adding that “My mom came out to care for Hayden while I was at work. It probably would have been more daunting if my own mother wasn’t looking after him.”

Having the opportunity to return to work with the lovely ‘General Hospital’ cast and crew was no doubt fun for her. She got the chance to work with Ainsworth once again and she highlighted that she was rather thrilled about the storyline that brought her back. “I think that this is a story that they are allowing to breathe and I think it’s a very relevant, interesting storyline that has so many different layers,” she noted.

Fans can look forward to some tender and emotional scenes when Kristina comes face to face with Parker. Will they finally decide to pursue a relationship? “She doesn’t want to hurt Kristina, but at the same time, she does have feelings for her,” Jones disclosed as she spoke with SOD. So what will Parker think of Kristina dating Aaron [John DeLuca]? Will Parker be jealous? Will she finally give in to her feelings for Kristina? What do you want fans; Kristina with Parker or Aaron?

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  1. Donna Jackson says

    I know that the majority of people will be angry with me but I hope that Kristina chooses Parker. I believe that they have amazing chemistry together I think that Aaron is using Kristina to run drugs out of the coffee shop imo age has nothing to do with love my parents are 20 years apart from each other and they were married for over 40 years till my dad passed away my sister and her husband were 30 years between them and they were married for over 30 years till he passed away so yes I am supporting the Kristina and Parker storyline I have a friend who has a daughter in a coma after attempting suicide because she’s gay and felt alone. Imo the storyline is very important to show younger women that they aren’t alone before they decide to commit suicide

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