‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Interview: Bradley Bell Sounds Off On Controversial Caroline And Thomas Hook-Up

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Interview: Bradley Bell Sounds Off On Controversial Caroline And Thomas Hook-Up“The Bold and the Beautiful” (B&B) head writer, Bradley Bell sat down with the TV Insider and spoke at length about Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) and Thomas (Pierson Fode) Forrester’s sex scene that could be interpreted as rape.  It has been a hot topic on many blogs and social media platforms, and the fans seem divided about the issue.

Last fall, Caroline was upset about her marriage being over when Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) told her that he couldn’t have any more children.  She was heartbroken because she loved Ridge with her whole heart. Devastated, she goes to a friend (Thomas) for comfort. Caroline had hoped that he would have words of wisdom for her. Instead, he tried to woo her to his side and felt that she wanted to make love to him.

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The fans watched in horror as it was apparent that Caroline had not only taken a sedative but was drinking wine. She was not thinking clearly, and could not make the decision to make love to Thomas. He took her silence as a yes, when everyone knows that she would have never agreed to have sex with him in normal circumstances.

We were careful to write it so that the audience knew Caroline had taken a pill and was a bit out of it, but Thomas did not know about that pill. Caroline was kissing him back. It was very much a give and take. Thomas thought the sex with Caroline was entirely consensual and beautiful and that it was the culmination of their love for one another. He didn’t know what the audience knew. He was shocked the next morning when she woke up to have this adverse reaction,” Brad Bell said of the controversial scene.

Brad explained that in his eyes and the opinion of the writing team Caroline was NOT raped, it was a misunderstanding. They created the scene for the viewers to draw their own conclusions to whether she was raped or if it was consensual. The bottom line is Thomas isn’t the type to rape someone so he really believed Caroline agreed to have sex with him, and it was a beautiful experience (for both of them).

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The writing team wanted Douglas’ birth to be a turning point for Thomas’ character. He felt a connection to the baby in a way he couldn’t explain, then finds out Douglas is his son. He loves Douglas and wants to make sure he is happy and healthy.

Many fans cannot get over how horrified Caroline was after the night of passion. Part of her reaction was due to her feeling violated by him, which screams she felt “raped.”  Even though she felt violated, Bell insisted that it wasn’t Thomas’ intent, and when he realized she felt sorry about their night together—he was extremely apologetic.

Brad Bell revealed that they would not show that Caroline was raped by Thomas. That is not the story they decided to go with; rather they will focus on the fact that Ridge tried to steal his own son’s child from him. “That is the story we decided to go with for this storyline,” Bradley Bell stated.

Are you surprised by Brad Bell’s perspective on the storyline?

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  1. Tammy Burnett Pace says

    I really hate the way this storyline is, I loved Ridge and Caroline together they were the perfect couple they were the reason I watched and Bell had to go and screw it up, I dont even worry about watching it anymore, if I miss it I dont even worry, If you had just left it alone,have let Ridge and Caroline be happy and had this child together I would still be a watcher. Why not let Thomas be with Katie or someone else. Goodbye Bold and the Beautiful.

    1. carolyn mosby says

      I hate what the writers are doing with Ridge’s character, yes Ridge was a lover jumping from woman to woman but I don’t think he would’ve had a sexual relationship with Katie in the first place in fact I find it hard to believe he would’ve with Caroline either he never went for the younger ladies before why now?
      . Now he is trying to make Thomas his own son to give up his first born…..what father would encourage his son to do so smh

  2. caroline says

    Okay I have a problem with Thomas action ridge and Caroline were married he had been chasing her for weeks being her confidant when Caroline told him where she was and Thomas came drinking of the alcohol could change her into doing something she would never do also. Thomas knew that Caroline was intoxicated so out of respect he should have not aggress himself to Caroline I call it pre meditated rape. And yet he still wants his fathers wife knowing that they are in love. The same way he tried to woo Brooke years ago and he keep getting away with it. Stop that behavior writers

  3. caroline says

    Oh yeah writers what don’t you understand about rape. Caroline has been nice about the whole thing which she does not remember the date rape yes date rape

  4. Been there, done that says

    Am I surprised that Brad Bell does not think this was rape? Hell no. What he is saying is that because Thomas did not know Caroline took a pill is moot. A man who has integrity does not want to have sex with a woman who is not entirely sober, be it pills or booze. This was rape and Bell can’t change the facts. I wonder how he would feel if this happened to his daughter. I bet his opinion would then change.

  5. Georgia Sandor says

    Thomas is self-centered and immature. His hormones got the better of him, and he ignored the obvious signs that Caroline was not in control of herself. He was only out to satisfy his own desires. I remember how relieved he acted when Caroline assured him that he wasn’t the father…so karma would be if it turns out he is not Douglas’s father. I don’t want to see Caroline tied to Thomas for the rest of their days. She and Ridge truly love each other, and it would be great if she became pregnant again, which would trigger a paternity test to discover Ridge indeed can father a child. Then Thomas can get over it, and maybe his take away is be more careful, and find your own woman…don’t try to manufacture a family because of a biological accident. I hope nothing hints at any longing on Nicole’s part to be a hands on mom to Maya and Rick’s child. I think she is mature enough to handle the entire situation.

  6. Renee Lehmkuhl says

    Can you say SPIN IT! Brad Bell is just taking a story interrupted in different ways by real people with real life experiences. I rather hate how he hung it on Ridge.
    Some of us women have been in very simular situations. So watching those scenes reminded me of my own. I trusted a friend. He violated and took advantage of that trust. So yes there are some of us that will always look at those scenes that way!! Brad Bell can not change it, spin it, or rewrite it. Out there forever!!
    Each person has their own take on the story. I ask Brad Bell to FINISH THE story and MOVE ON,!!!!!!!!!!! Get creative Brad Bell write something other than LOVE TRIANGLES!!!! Time for fall fashions!!!
    Need visitors!! Cross over with Young n Restless!!!!

  7. Renee Lehmkuhl says

    I HATE the way Booker n Hope talk about how Caroline should brake up Ridge.
    Bill treats Caroline like she doesn’t have a brain. I would love too see her go postal on Bill n his where’s. Like they have can talk

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