‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Interview: Jacob Young Dishes On Living In Northern Utah And Being a Dad

Bold-Jacob-Young“The Bold and the Beautiful” Jacob Young’s [Rick Forrester] life has changed drastically – for the better – over the past year or so. Young moved his family away from Los Angeles to a quiet piece of acreage in Utah.

Living in northern Utah has been a blessing for the Young family. Jacob and Christen want their children enjoy life away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. That’s why the family bought a beautiful piece of property in the Salt Lake state last year. Yes “B&B” fans, Jacob commutes from the family home in Utah to Los Angeles.

Jacob explained the reason for the move in a recent interview with CBS Soaps in Depth. “I want my kids to be able to explore and play in tree forts.” An added bonus is that Young can be just a regular husband and father outside of Los Angeles. Christen and Jacob shop at the local market where “everybody who works there knows your name,” Jacob revealed to CBS Soaps in Depth.

In September 2015 Jacob Young shared that he and Christen are expecting baby number three. Jacob and Christen have two children, Luke and Molly. The new baby is a girl, and Luke, 7, is a bit disappointed that he’s not getting a brother. When Jacob sat Luke down to tell him the importance of being a big brother the seven-year-old didn’t even let dad finish. He knew the baby was a girl!

“The Bold and the Beautiful” fans may not see Rick Forrester for a little bit as Jacob and Christen prepare for the arrival of their baby girl. But don’t worry, Jacob Young will be back! He’s just going to take some time off to enjoy being a dad for the third time. And when he returns Rick Forrester will welcome baby too. Wonder if Rick’s baby is a boy or a girl?

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