‘Days of Our Lives’ Interview: Bryan Dattilo Explains Lucas’s Grieving Process – What Happens Next With Gabi?

'Days of Our Lives' Interview: Bryan Dattilo Explains Lucas’s Grieving Process – What Happens Next With Gabi?

“Days of Our Lives” Lucas Roberts [Bryan Dattilo] is a father struggling with the intense grief that revolves around the loss of his son Will Horton [Guy Wilson]. The most difficult thing is dealing with the fact that there is no logical explanation for Will’s murder.

Bryan wants “DAYS” fans to know that he is committed to making sure that he portrays as this storyline as authentically as possible. For Lucas part of the grieving process is protecting granddaughter Arianna Horton [Harper & Sydnee Udell] and her mother Gabi Hernandez [Camila Banus].

To deal with his own grief Lucas may become a little overprotective when it comes to both Arianna and Gabi. As Dattilo pointed out in a recent interview with CBS Soaps in Depth, “Gabi’s at a point where she’s a single mom and might benefit from being with an older guy., not with someone who is still maturing.”

That’s where the controversial storyline could come in – and Bryan certainly realizes that. How would “Days of Our Lives” fans react to Lucas and Gabi in a romantic relationship? But it would definitely be a shocking twist. Bryan does enjoy working with Camilla – and thinks she’s a great actress.

And what would happen to Lucas and Adrienne Kiriakis [Judi Evans]?  Adrienne is grieving in her own way – her mother’s breast cancer, finding out she has the breast cancer gene. Does she want Lucas there or will she turn to Justin Kiriakis [Wally Kurth]?

What does Bryan Dattilo think is in store for Lucas Roberts? First and foremost is dealing with the loss of his son in his own way. But will Lucas be able to do that if he finds himself torn between Gabi and Adrienne? During the Soaps in Depth interview Bryan revealed that he thinks there is more to Lucas’s relationship with Adrienne than “just sex.” Then Lucas could find himself torn between the two women in his life.

Bryan Dattilo is up for whatever the “DAYS” writers have in store for Lucas. The actor promises that no matter what is put in his way he’ll do his very best to handle the storyline as authentically as possible.

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    Lucas needs a storyline! I am 100% behind Lucas and Gabi if that’s where the writers take them.

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