‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Maxie And Nathan Discover Claudette’s Secret Before She Destroys Them?

gh maxie and nathanGeneral Hospital’s Maxie (Molly Burnett) and Nathan (Ryan Paevy) have a mystery on their hands. They are trying to find out information about his ex-wife Claudette (Bree Williamson). The search won’t be easy for the couple because she is very good at hiding her tracks. In fact, Claudette is also looking for information about Maxie and Nathan that she could use against them.

Maxie has acted as if she was okay with Claudette spending time with Nathan. Maxie even tried to push the pair together. Maxie did this so she could get closer to Claudette. Maxie was hoping to catch Claudette with her guard down so she could get some information out of her. Maxie’s latest attempt to get information out of Claudette is by going through her room. She is desperate to find anything that she can use to prove that Claudette is lying about the reason she’s in Port Charles. While Maxie suggests that Claudette and Nathan go out together, Maxie begins to do her detective work. Maxie stops at nothing until she can get any dirt on her fiance’s ex. Does she find something that she can use against the suspicious ex?

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Maxie’s not the only one who wants answers. Nathan is also looking for answers from his ex-wife. As General Hospital viewers know, the detective is not happy to have his ex-wife back in town. He insists that she leaves town immediately, but she wants a new life in Port Charles. Claudette has been trying to convince him that she has changed, but he doesn’t believe it. He wants to know why she has arrived in town after all of these years.

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The detective wants to know who Claudette was with when she was being unfaithful to him. As General Hospital fans know, Claudette cheated on Nathan and he shot her lover. Nathan wants Claudette to tell him who the person was that he shot. He comes up with a way to get her to open up to him. He takes her out to eat and questions her about the night he caught her with another man. Unfortunately, she doesn’t give him the information that he wants. She refuses to tell him the man’s identity. Later on, she decides to meet with him and tell him that she has been hiding something.

What Claudette doesn’t know is her lover is in the same town. She could possibly end Maxie and Nathan’s relationship for good if she had this information. Griffin (Matt Cohen) was her former lover when he was still in the priesthood. Griffin is keeping quiet about what he knows. If Claudette realizes that Griffin is in Port Charles, she could have the upper hand. Will Maxie and Nathan discover the truth about Claudette before she destroys them?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy daily for all of your ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and news!

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  1. susan says

    Claudette has been trying to convince him that she has changed, but he doesn’t believe it. He wants to know why she has arrived in town after all of these years.

    let’s put it this way claudette…he asks you to leave town…you say not…..so why should he believe you….

    if you’ve changed, you wouldn’t have one, come to town in the first place, two, use a fake name to get a job at the place that his finace works at, and three, not have gotten a job there in the first place…..nope, you haven’t changed one single bit.

    and booooooooo we’re in this stupid story for the long haul…….

    no one that i talk to likes her, but nope, we’re stuck with her……and all that

  2. susan says

    He wants to know why she has arrived in town after all of these years.

    and if she really did change, why doesn’t she just tell him, instead of playing games…..nope, that too doesn’t say that you’re changed

  3. susan says

    ok….griff could very well tell nathan that he was the one that he shot, but he’s not saying anything…….he’s been the better man, letting by gones be by gones….

    but noooooooo not her…….it’s going to be her, and her alone to break up the couple, because she’s the one being selfish…

    all nathan has to do is get the name, and go and have it out with griff, he knows that in a way he forgives him…..and all that…but nooooooooooooo

    she’s going to spoil the apple cart, and we’re supposed to like her why exactly….

    go and be with stupid valentine and get the H away from PC.

    we so don’t need the likes of you

    sorry to keep going on, and on, and on…but so can’t stand the stupid home wrecker types…never have, never will..

  4. susan says

    and griff needs a good woman, thought it might be iiz, now i know that alot don’t like her…but sorry for me she’s far better then the likes of claudette…….and all that…..

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