‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: JaSam Races To London To Save Nikolas’ Life And Clear Jason’s Name

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: JaSam Races To London To Save Nikolas' Life And Clear Jason's Name‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that viewers are in for a summer of intrigue and romance for Sam [Kelly Monaco] and Jason [Billy Miller]. The couple will make their way through London searching for Nikolas [Nick Stabile].
Sam and Jason are desperate to prove Jason did not kill Nickolas. In a twist of fate, Jason and Sam will need to save Nikolas’s life to prove he isn’t dead. Nikolas actions have caused a domino effect of trouble and this mess is certainly not what Nikolas had planned at all. Is there any way to stop this runaway train before it’s too late?

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That’s where Jason and Sam come in. They’re desperate to clear Jason’s name but they can’t do that until Nikolas is found alive and well – and dragged back to Port Charles whether Nikolas likes it or not.

Do Jason and Sam suspect that Ava has somehow managed to insert herself into this dangerous situation? Huxley [Trent Dawson] will pose a huge threat to Ava and Nikolas as the duo discover he’s not the guy they thought he was. ‘GH’ spoilers tease that Huxley is actually after Ava – and the statue she has in her possession.

Expect lots of intense drama to unfold including guns and injuries as a dangerous plan begins to unfold. Sam and Jason may find themselves in danger, but Jason will rely on some skills from his past to get the couple through a possibly life-threatening situation.

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It won’t be just Jason skills that get he and Sam out of a danger, love will also come into play. Sam and Jason have waited too long to be together, they have lost too much time, and they’re not going to let Nikolas’s mysterious disappearance and presumed death get in the way. In the most recent issue of ABC Soaps in Depth headwriter Jean Passanante reveals what happens in London may not stay in London. “This is a step in a bigger adventure for [Sam and Jason]’ Jean Passanante teases ‘General Hospital’ fans.

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