‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is Kristina In Love With Professor Parker, Aaron, Or BOTH?

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Is Kristina In Love With Professor Parker, Aaron, Or BOTH?Is Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) in love with Parker? Or with Aaron? Neither? Or both?  The ‘General Hospital’ character is understandably confused about both of them and more importantly about herself.

Here’s the history:

We all know that Kristina has been hung up over Parker (Ashley Jones), her female and quite married, college professor, for months now. Kristina was flunking out of school following the break up with a guy and not doing well with it. She became attracted to a professor, a woman, in one of her classes and offered sex in exchange for a passing grade. Kristina then went on to hide everything from her parents, her sisters, friends, and from everyone. She fell in love with a woman who ended up turning her in and she got expelled.

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Back in Port Charles Kristina had to lie to everyone about why she was back in town. Finally coming clean to her family about Parker and realizing there was no future – she didn’t stop thinking about her, but decided to move on. Confusion about her sexuality has been a constant thought in the back of her mind. Visiting Morgan (Bryan Craig) at his treatment facility, she met Aaron and there was an instant connection.

Kristina and Aaron (John DeLuca) hit it off and had sex. Kristina talked in her sleep after and mentioned Parker’s name. Aaron asked her about it but they were interrupted and Kristina had to go and deal with her mom’s drama. Aaron is partnering with Sonny’s coffee company and opening a coffee shop on the waterfront – Sonny (Maurice Benard) likes him, Carly (Laura Wright) likes him. Kristina is thrilled. She tells her Mom and sisters (minus Sam who is on the run) and so far so good, they approve but still ask her about her feelings about Parker.

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‘General Hospital‘ spoilers tease that while convinced that she has resolved everything having to do with Parker, Kristina goes to Parker’s hotel room at the Metro Court knowing she is in town for a meeting, and intends to have closure. Kristina tells Parker that she has moved on happily with Aaron and that she is doing well and then notices Parker isn’t wearing her wedding ring.

Kristina confronts Parker and Parker tells her that her marriage is over. All of a sudden, Kristina’s new found happiness and relationship with Aaron is gone and she kisses Parker. They make love finally.  What does this mean for Kristina?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy for all of your ‘General Hospital‘ spoilers and news.

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  1. Donna Jackson says

    I sincerely hope that Kristina chooses Parker. I love the chemistry between them and feel that Kristina is with Aaron to make Sonny happy . Yes Parker was her teacher but Kristina is no longer a student age has nothing to do with love and imo Aaron is using Kristina I also hope that Kristina tells Sonny she’s a lesbian and wants to be with Parker I am sick of Sonny Carly and Alexis butting into their kids lives. Kristina belongs with Parker.

  2. Kevin Pham says

    if this parker romance is legit… then there must be proof… what was the outcome of Parker leaving her wife for Kristina…. and praying on a younger inexperienced person who may be bi-curious… what if Kristina just was attracted her and that was it.. what if Parker and Kristina don’t last..i can’t see Kristina in relationship with Parker.. because it’s too rushed… parker should have chosen Kristina first, Kristina should have been Parker’s number one priority.. not a last resort second choice settling relationship.

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