‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Helena Cassadine Appears From Beyond the Grave – Shock at the Will Reading

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Helena Cassadine Appears From Beyond the Grave – Shock at the Will Reading‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that Helena Cassadine [Constance Towers] will be back in Port Charles on Friday March 11 to shock all those invited to the reading of her last will and testament. Many have suspected that the evil Cassadine matriarch didn’t die – is this proof that she survived?

Helena may be back, but that doesn’t mean she’s alive (it also doesn’t necessarily confirm that she’s dead either). In fact, GH spoilers tease that this reprised appearance is not Helena live and in person. It seems that the Cassadine grandma recorded a video of her last will and parting words.

You may recall that when Laura Spencer [Genie Francis] told Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] that she was invited to the reading of the will, he was very dismissive and said Helena had nothing much let to give away in terms of her personal assets.

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Nikolas told his mom that Helena blew threw a lot of money with her evil schemes and added that he’s not worried because he’s read the will and all the power and assets go to the “oldest Cassadine male.” He emphasized this very heavily to his Mom.

But we know where Helena is concerned, everyone should be worried. Then later, Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] tried to get into Nik’s safe to read the will but was thwarted by Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst]. Now it looks like getting into the safe won’t matter.

The will that Nikolas has in his possession is out of date since Helena has filmed a video will more recently. Does what’s contained in her latest legal missive shock Nikolas? Will the reigning Cassadine Prince be dethroned by the time the will viewing is done?

They sure made a lot out of the “eldest” Cassadine thing. Does that mean a new older Cassadine is coming out of the closet soon? Fingers crossed it’s Michael Easton in his new role. He would be amazing as a new and evil chief of the Cassadine clan.

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Whatever happens, clearly Nikolas is overconfident about a lot of things. He’s sure Hayden doesn’t know he had her shot – WRONG! He’s sure that his mom will get nothing at the will reading – WRONG! And he’s sure all the Cassadine treasure is his now – WRONG!

Will Hayden be blown away by Nikolas’ loss of stature? Could this put their new marriage at risk? Could it also blow up Hayden’s secret plans with those legal papers she had Diane Miller [Carolyn Hennesy] draw up?

Hayden was going to have Nikolas sign away all his worldly goods to her – including that ELQ stock. But if it’s all Cassadine assets – rather than Nik’s personal assets – is he about to be broke and at mercy of a newly revealed Cassadine?

We also wonder if Spencer Cassadine [Nicolas Bechtel] will show for the will reading – we haven’t seen the littlest Cassadine in a while. Also, why was Lulu Spencer [Emme Rylan] invited along with her mom? Is this about the mutual evil man from their past – Stavros Cassadine [Robert Kelker-Kelly]?

Stavros looked pretty dead the last time we saw him, but it’s GH so resurrected humans are everyday occurrences… GH spoilers reveal that Nikolas and Hayden will be stunned by the outcome of the will, and Laura will head out on an adventure as a result.

One thing we know for sure, Helena loves to make trouble and doing it from the great beyond seems like the perfect way for the old witch to keep the torment going. What do you think GH fans? Will Helena’s final scheme be her worst yet?

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