‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Griffin Confronts Tracy’s Doctor Over Cancer Misdiagnosis – Will He Save Her Life?

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Griffin Confronts Tracy’s Doctor Over Cancer Misdiagnosis – Will He Save Her Life?‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that Tracy Quartermaine [Jane Elliot] is expecting dire news from Dr Mayes [Matt Reidy] and will soon get it. Mayes will check out Tracy’s scans and see a mass on her brain and will tell Tracy it’s likely brain cancer.

But Dr Griffin Munro [Matt Cohen] doesn’t agree and is not willing to sit idly by while the grouchy old doc misdiagnoses her. Remember Tracy kicked Griffin to the curb right away because she thought he was too young (and maybe too pretty) to be the best?

However, Griffin is the new Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] and is a much better neurologist than old Dr Grouchy Pants. Griffin will soon end up in a showdown with Mayes over Tracy’s test results and diagnosis – and he will push hard to get her the proper treatment.

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Mayes saw the test results and concluded cancer but Griffin sees a medical mystery that is not explained by Mayes’ frightening diagnosis. Can Griffin convince Tracy to give him a chance to figure out what’s really wrong with her?

Or will Tracy continue to deny him access to her case? Will Dillon Quartermaine [Robert P Watkins] and Paul Hornsby [Richard Burgi] become privy to her scary diagnosis? Remember Tracy lied and gave them a BS story about anti-depressants and they seemed to buy it.

But when Tracy’s symptoms persist and worsen, it’s doubtful that Tracy’s loved ones will continue to accept her fib. Who will be able to talk sense into Tracy so she’ll let Griffin find out what’s really wrong with her?

Or will we see Griffin go rogue and continue investigating her condition without permission? No doubt we can expect more than one showdown between middling Dr Mayes and hottie hunk Dr Munro. But if anyone can save Tracy, it will be Griffin.

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Perhaps Lucas Jones [Ryan Carnes] can talk Tracy into letting Griffin work her case – he’s got a good reputation around GH. With or without official access to Tracy’s records, look for Griffin to stay on this like a dog with a bone.

We still wonder whether Tracy is suffering the effects of poison compliments of her rotten ex Larry Ashton [Hugo Napier]. But whatever it is that’s ailing Tracy, GH spoilers indicate her family will be there to see her through this rough road ahead.

‘General Hospital’ spoilers also tease that Tracy, who is all about control, will find herself out of control because of this illness and that may scare her more than the prospect of her death. But when all is said and done, the Quartermaines will come out of this crisis stronger.

What do you think GH fans? Does Tracy have cancer or is Doc Mayes way off the mark? Will Griffin be the one to figure it all out and save Tracy Q’s life? Share your comments below and come back to Soap Opera Spy often for tons more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and news.

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