‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Wednesday May 18: Hayden Crawls Back to Tracy – Jason and Sonny Reconnect – Nikolas Gets Devastating News

'General Hospital' Spoilers Wednesday May 18: Hayden Crawls Back to Tracy – Jason and Sonny Reconnect - Nikolas Gets Devastating News‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers for Wednesday, May 18 reveal more on Jason’s memory recovery, the baby mystery deepens, Laura keeps poking into her past, and both Mr. and Mrs. Cassadine have a bad day. Here’s a look at the action coming on tomorrow’s GH.

Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell] immediately recognizes the bouncing bundle of joy as the son of Sabrina Santiago [Teresa Castillo] but now they have to figure out why the child is apart from Sabrina and where she is.

Is Sabrina close by? Did she drop off the baby while she went to find out more about Carlos Rivera [Jeffrey V Parise]? Michael will dig into this mystery to find out where Sabrina is so he can be reunited with her and try and bond as a family.

Felix DuBois [Marc Samuel] is looking for Dr Hamilton Finn [Michael Easton], but why? Is this about the missing drugs from the 10th floor pharmacy, the dead patient, or is Felix trying to recruit acts for the Nurse’s Ball? Looks like Felix and Finn may be able to help one another.

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Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] wanted to sell off some of the Cassadine heirlooms to raise money but turns out that might not be an option. Diane Miller [Carolyn Hennesy] drops by Wyndemere to tell Nik that he’s got tax problems and they may come collect his assets.

Is this another legacy of Helena Cassadine’s [Constance Towers] poor money management? Nikolas won’t be happy to find out his millions are dwindling away and will have even more incentive to make sure Hayden walks away empty handed.

Now that things are looking pretty dire at Chez Cassadine, Hayden goes crawling back to Tracy Quartermaine [Jane Elliot] for an assist. Will Tracy offer Hayden a crumb or kick her to the curb? It seems like Tracy can always use someone to do some dirty work…

Laura Spencer [Genie Francis] and Kevin Collins [Jon Lindström] head to the now-defunct campus disco and Laura talks about things she regrets from that time. Will she bring up the Luke Spencer [Anthony Geary] rape or does Kevin already know about it? Will they find a clue there?

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Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] is thrilled that Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] got his memory is back but Jason wants something from Sonny. They’ll have a bro bonding moment but Jason may take this opportunity to make it clear that remembering who he was will not bring him back to mob life.

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