‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Friday July 8: Alexis Begs for Her Life – Sonny Knows Kidney Donor – Trouble in Greece for Jason & Sam

'General Hospital' Spoilers Friday July 8: Alexis Begs for Her Life – Sonny Knows Kidney Donor – Trouble in Greece for Jason & Sam‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers for Friday, July 8, reveal that Sonny has news for Carly, Kristina ponders how much truth to tell, Nikolas warns Sam and Jason, Julian makes a life or death decision and we get a first look at James Patrick Stuart as “Theo.”

Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] has an update for Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] on the Josslyn Jacks’ [Eden McCoy] kidney mystery. But will Sonny’s info give the answers Carly wants – or open up many more questions?

Kristina Corinthos [Lexi Ainsworth] considers telling Aaron Roland [John DeLuca] the truth about Parker Forsyth [Ashley Johnson]. Will she tell him it’s over with Parker? Will she reveal that Parker is both her professor and a woman? How much will be revealed?

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GH spoilers reveal that Julian Jerome [William deVry] is cornered and considers making a life or death decision. Alexis Davis [Nancy Lee Grahn] begs for her life but will Julian be moved? Will Alexis’ baby lies be all that saves her?

Julian will try and escape but things may not go as he planned. Over at GH, Spencer Cassadine [Nicolas Bechtel] is excited because it’s almost time to call and talk to his dad. Problem is, Laura Spencer [Genie Francis] is suspicious of Spencer.

She talks to Kevin Collins [Jon Lindström] about Spencer. She’s not so certain that her grandson is telling her the truth. Of course, Nikolas Cassadine [Nick Stabile] is also lying to his mother, so what’s one more lie in the grand scheme?

Nikolas tells Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] and Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] that they’ll be lucky to escape with their lives. Are they still determined to try and leave during the raging storm? The foursome will meet “Theo” [James Patrick Stuart].

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GH spoilers reveal that Theo is really Valentin Cassadine, but it may be a while before the foursome figure out his true identity. We’ll see. Back in Port Charles, Molly Lansing [Haley Pullos] comes home and asks where her mother is.

Molly is alarmed that the house is full of cops and her mother and Julian aren’t there. How much will they tell her? GH spoilers reveal that Julian will go down but will Alexis get away unscathed? Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] can’t wait until they slap the cuffs on him.

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  1. @Gina_JerseyCity says

    I’ll bet this storyline drags out because of that taped confession. Julian’s moll at the PCPD will probably get his hands on that flash drive, just like he got the knife!

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