‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drama Unfolds At Shriner’s – Jason Morgan’s Baby-Mamas Liz And Sam Have Words, Franco And Liz Grow Closer

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Drama Unfolds At Shriner's - Jason Morgan's Baby-Mamas Liz And Sam Have Words, Franco And Liz Grow Closer‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that even though Jake Spencer [James Nigbor] is recovering nicely at Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, that doesn’t mean the drama surrounding him or his mama is done. There’s still more to see there.

Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] is finally owning up to her lies about Jake Doe/Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] but that doesn’t mean all the hurt has gone away. Jason is clearly ready to move on with Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] and was pleased when he got a text from her recently.

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Just because Liz has reconciled herself to losing Jason to Sam, though, that doesn’t mean it will be easy for her to watch their love renewing right before her eyes. This week, when Sam brings Danny to Philadelphia to check on his brother Jake and visit his dad Jason, things get awkward fast.

Liz owes Sam a big apology as well – like the recent one she offered Monica Quartermaine [Leslie Charleson] – but it will be harder to say sorry when Liz has to watch Sam and Jason being all affectionate and frisky.

Sam’s visit will be hard for Liz to stomach and the two ladies will have a face off over things they need to discuss. This will be hard on Liz but thankfully, she’ll soon have a visitor to comfort her. Franco [Roger Howarth] heads to Philly to check on Liz and Jake.

While there, he’ll act as a shoulder for Liz to cry on over the recent stress with Sam. Looks like Franco and Liz’s friendship will continue to grow. He’s the perfect confidante and comforter for Liz since he knows what it’s like to have everyone hate you.

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Franco is disliked by most of Port Charles so he knows exactly what she’s going through, only worse. Liz, after all, was just telling lies – Franco was a genuine killer. Liz will be thankful for his friendship that will be key to her moving past this mess and forgiving herself.

What do you think GH fans? How awkward will it be for Liz to see Sam and Jason together? Are Franco and Liz going to be BFFs or perhaps more than friends? Share your comments below and check back with Soap Opera Spy often for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and news.

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  1. ASH says

    Jakes in the hospital. Sam should stay away from confrontation with Liz and leave this convo to when Jake is better. W
    Sorry but who does that?

    1. Christina Nicole Clark says

      Well she brought her son to see his brother…and his father. Liz started the mess. She’s gotta deal with the fallout. Keep a man from his family, sorry but who does THAT?

    2. Sarah Fitzgerald says

      Indeed, Jake is in the hospital and “recovering nicely.” His stepmother brought his (half)brother, whom he has had play dates with, and appears to like, to see him. His other half-brothers have been to see him. (Check out the signature on his cast: Aiden) As to your question of who does that, ASH, many stepparents do!

      This is not about Liz! Sam and Jason are still married. Jason claimed the relationship when he rushed her into the hospital after the explosion. Sam can’t be faulted for taking Danny and being there as a support to her husband. What’s more, Jake even liked Sam (and told Jason so) before he overheard Liz ranting in the living room from the stairway! After he got to the hospital, Sam got out of bed to make sure that JAKE knew her fall was an accident and to show him she was alright. Liz appeared to appreciate her them.

      I really thought the writers were making attempts to redeem Liz. She even said she realized that Jason would never be hers but, of course, a person cannot always turn off their feelings, and the green-eyed monster often makes it harder. If there is a confrontation, I suspect it will come from Liz and give her more to apologize for. Sam might feel she has to stand up for herself when attacked.

      Liz does need friends right now but, on one hand, I am not sure that Franco is the right choice right now. However, he could be just what she needs as a friend since he gets it.

    3. susan says

      Jakes in the hospital. Sam should stay away from confrontation with Liz and leave this convo to when Jake is better. W

      Sorry but who does that?

      couldnt’ agree more…

      this doesnt’ really involve her at all…but there she is, pushing her way into it….

      yes she and jason are together, but she needs to respect too, that at this moment liz needs him….

      if you want to accuse liz of being shelfish…then……


      1. Deedra says

        He asked her to bring Danny to see Jake! Plus HE missed them both!

    4. Pernette Bearfield says

      Considering that the father of both children specifically asked her to come and to bring Danny I don’t see the problem.

  2. Dawnie Hodges says

    I understand why Sam is there with Danny, after all Danny and Jake are brothers, however why in the name of all that is holy is Franco there??? Friends with Liz? R E A L L Y.!!!!!

  3. Cyndy Rebello & Patty Vincent says

    Sam & Danny have a right to visit Jason & Jake after all before Jason knew who he was Jake use to have play dates w his sibling Danny , that was before Liz was putting out all kinds of lies & manipulating Jason which Jake over heard & it took the poor boy over the edge / still not knowing what or why he was doing the things he was doing for attn & trying to keep his parents together ,, & Jason has made a decision to be with Sam , there is a big connection there & Liz has to learn to live w it , there are married & was married before the terrible accident thanks to Ava , he was headed home , as far as the talk or the face off I can bet it will be Liz to initiate it , so if Liz can’t handle it how does everyone think Sam had to handle it when Liz was rubbing it in SAMs face daily ,, JASAM love wins! & Danny has his dad back , congrats GH

  4. Donna Burnett says

    Go away Liz, just please go away before you ruin another relationship i.e Franco and Nina

  5. whataboutpromblaine says

    I hope they keep Liz and Franco strictly platonic. Not enough platonic relationships on this show.

  6. Georgi says

    Both women have to learn to act like adults- at the end of the day their sons are what is important. They have to set the example. Liz has to accept ( which is well overdue) that Jason has and always will love Sam. He does care deeply for Liz but his heart belongs to Sam. Once Liz accepts that in her heart and mind, she will be able to move forward and have a healthy and long lasting relationship with someone else. The writers need to give her this.

    1. Wendelyn Sullivan says

      I think Sam is acting way more adult than Liz is. Given the circumstances. Yes. On invite by Jason, Sam brought Danny to visit Jake. She just let Jason take in Danny
      to see Jake. She waited in the waiting room. Sam also was going to take Danny Home. not be at the Hospital for Jake’s discharge , because She didn’t want to make things harder for Liz, but Jason insisted that She and Danny be there. Sam is trying here, Liz isn’t. Jmo

  7. Sherri Shultz says

    I’m happy that Sam is bringing Danny to see his big brother, but I wll believe Sam and Jason get frisky in pulbic when I see it on air.

  8. susan says

    i know that sam wants to be there, but is it really wise…

    and all that

    and yes, i fear that they’re testing out fanco and liz…..

    yuck is all i have to say tto that


  9. Janice Swartz Gibbs says

    I agree that Liz created all this mess so she has to deal with all the fallout. Sam is Jake’s stepmother so she has the right to go check on him and take his brother Danny. This is about Jake not Liz. There she goes using her kids again to claim some part of Jason. Can’t wait for them to find out jake is really Lucky’s.

  10. Bunnielake says

    Shriners is an awesome Hospital but boy oh boy that was a long commercial.

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