‘General Hospital’ Poll: Who’s The Best Match For Kiki: Morgan or Dillon? VOTE!

GH-kiki-dillon-morgan“General Hospital” (GH) spoilers tease that Dillon (Robert Palmer Watkins) and Kiki’s (Hayley Erin) budding friendship may soon lead to a kiss! The recent Nurse’s Ball promo video shows this dressed up duo, going in for the smooch. These developments lead to a critical question, what about Morgan (Bryan Craig)?!

Since Kiki was shot on the pier a few months ago, Dillon has been at the right place at the right time. His relationship with his boss Nina (Michelle Stafford) has put him in Kiki’s apartment numerous times, allowing him to see her desperate condition. Dillon’s sweet nature made it impossible not to comfort Kiki when she so obviously needed someone.

Kiki hasn’t exactly had a stable support system since coming home from the hospital; Morgan has been in a psychotic facility, Franco (Roger Howarth) has jumped off the deep end right into his art, and all of the Jerome’s seem to be too mixed up in mob business to be around. If it wasn’t for Dillon, Kiki might still be cowering in a corner suffering from PTSD.

In the last few weeks, Dillon has masterminded an adorable venture to persuade Kiki back into the real world, and Kiki has offered Dillon the respect that many women in Port Charles seem to deny him. The two certainly bring out a positive, cozy side to one another, making it very tempting to take their friendship to the next level.

One thing this new friendship has not endured, however, is Morgan. Despite an undeniable attraction to Dillon, it may be impossible for Kiki to resist the fire she shares with Morgan. He is also shown at the Nurse’s Ball, making it seem he has recovered from his breakdown and ready to return to Kiki’s life.

Despite the fact that Morgan has cheated on Kiki more than once and participated in events that got her shot, Morgan has remained Kiki’s salvation, as she has for him. Kiki and the Captain have developed a bond and extensive history in a short period that screams a connection that may never go away.

…but what will this connection cost both Kiki and Morgan and is it worth the risk?

Vote NOW! Who is the best match for Kiki: Morgan or Dillon? Share your comments below and come back to Soap Opera Spy every day for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers plus interviews, news and more.

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  1. disonba35 says

    Don’t want her with Dillon, he is too fickle!

  2. Sexylove06 says

    I vote Dillon but Kiki feels responsible for Morgan, and she chose him. I guess because he is sick .

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