‘General Hospital’ News: Kelly Thiebaud Dishes On Possible Return to ‘GH’ – Continues Negotiations With ABC Soap

‘General Hospital’ News: Kelly Thiebaud Dishes On Possible Return to ‘GH’ – Continues Negotiations With ABC Soap‘General Hospital’ news teases that Kelly Thiebaud [Dr. Britt Westbourne would consider a return to the ABC soap opera. After all, isn’t Britt missing Liesl Obrecht [Kathleen Gati] and Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] just a little bit?

Why not bring Kelly back as Dr. Westbourne on a recurring basis? It seems TPTB want Kelly to sign a contract. At the ‘General Hospital’ Fan Club Weekend Kelly revealed she isn’t ready to sign on for anything long-term at this time.

Britt should have hightailed it home when Nikolas was presumed dead. So, why didn’t the good doctor come back to town?

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Kelly Thiebaud explained In the recent edition of ABC Soaps in Depth that she keeps in contact with ‘GH’ executive producer Frank Valentini “every once in a while about bringing [Britt] back. [Frank] knows I would come back on a recurring basis in a heartbeat.”

The good doctor needs to come back. First of all, ‘General Hospital’ is a testosterone fueled health care center and needs more women doctors. Second, there are many storylines Britt should be involved in.

There is definitely a need for an OB/GYN in Port Charles. Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] needs a trusted doctor as she navigates through a second, and possibly high-risk, pregnancy. Kiki Jerome [Hayley Erin] is dealing with the sexually transmitted disease Morgan Corinthos [Bryan Craig] passed along.

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It would have been nice if Britt had shown up for bestie Brad Cooper’s [Parry Shen] wedding to Lucas Jones [Ryan Carnes]. Though the nuptials were impromptu – they had to be after a few failed attempts – Britt could have found a way to be there.

Will TPTB at ‘General Hospital’ give in and bring Kelly Thiebaud back on a recurring basis or is it all or nothing? Kelly told ABC Soaps in Depth that she misses portraying Britt. ‘GH’ fans miss the Dr. Westbourne too!

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  1. scoma60 says

    No way should she be allowed to practice again.She stole an embryo for Pete’s sake! The last thing GH needs is another actor anyway.The cast is way too bloated to manage.

  2. Kevin Pham says

    i want BRITT to come back maybe they can PAIR her with JASON.. i like TALL PEOPLE TOGETHER too they make the STRONGEST looking and cutest couples IMO lmaoo
    and she looks more like JASON MORGAN’s type to begin with as the SHOW started from his time he was just JASON QUATERMAINE.. and after Kelly Thiebaud is built tall and given more of a appealing POSITIVE LOOK on the set to be paired with him.. give him access back to his YOUTH.. as JASON MORGAN.. BRITT would be good for JASON
    and we all know how JASON quickly moves on to the next girl it’s been like that since the 90s so i don’t see what the problems with JASON moving on to someone new.. BRITT would be GOOD FOR JASON…
    i don’t mind BRITT COMING BACK she would fit nicely to become JASON MORGANS new RIDE and DIE.. and have better believable adventures.. with Kelly Thiebaud’s acting talents and skills it’s refreshing to see her paired with JASON and noticeable she has that look that you always remember and her eyes are very noticeable and exotic and pretty she would be a good fit for this NEW JASON MORGAN…

  3. disonba35 says

    Why can’t she come back with Nicholas???? She could have found himm & nursed him back to health and he has discovered that he loves only her!!!

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