‘General Hospital’ News: John J York Starring In New Movie ‘The Last Heist’

'General Hospital' News: John J York Starring In New Movie 'The Last Heist'‘General Hospital’s’ John J. York (Mac) has been quite absent from the canvas lately, but the latest soap reports reveal that he has a role in the upcoming movie called ‘The Last Heist’.

The film, which features York in the role of Sinclair, will be released in theatres, on iTunes and VOD on Friday June 17th. The movie is full of well established actors which include former daytime star Mykel Jenkins. Jenkins is well know among daytime viewers for playing the role of Detective Charlie Baker on CBS’s ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’.

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The star studded cast also includes Henry Rollins. His character is said to be one who visits his safety deposit box at a point in time when robbers have flooded the bank. Things take a turn for the worst as Rollins character is a killer and he starts eliminating persons one after the other.

A trailer for the movie has been released on YouTube. In the trailer York can be seen as one in charge of the team trying to bring the criminals to justice. York is a fine actor, he is well pleased with his role in this film. So much so that he tweeted “Great time making this movie! Can’t wait to see it!”

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While he is busy outside of GH having filmed a couple new roles, he is well known for being a part of the lovely duo Mac and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) on GH. It has been a while since he made an appearance on the show, but he was last seen helping Anna (Finola Hughes) investigate Kyle Sloane’s (Rob Derringer) murder and Carlos’ (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) whereabouts. So GH fans, what do you think of this? What do you think of the trailer? Are you missing Mac Scorpio on GH?

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