‘General Hospital’ News: Jack & Kristina Wagner’s Found After Missing For Five Days!

'General Hospital' News: Jack & Kristina Wagner's Found After Missing For Five Days!It’s really a rough time for ‘General Hospital’ stars Jack Wagner [Ex-Frisco Jones] and Kristina Wagner [Felicia Scorpio]. Jack recently revealed that his son Harrison who is 21 years old was missing for at least 5 days now. “I fear for my youngest son’s safety, Harrison has struggled with drugs and alcohol just as I did when I was younger. He’s relapsed and is MIA five days.”

His tweet brought about several heartfelt responses from his fans. The tweeted their love and support via social media platforms and Jack was very appreciative of it. It is indeed very challenging to see your child go through this struggle and this trying period and Wagner shared, “I’m okay with stumbles, it’s how hard they fall that gets me.”

Jack and Kristina were very worried about their son whom they gave birth to in 1994 after being together happily for years. Harrison is a young adult who apparently struggles with the same drug issues his father did when he was younger.

The latest word from Jack is that he has heard from his son he shared “Harrisons been in touch, he’s 21 & in charge of his life, ty for the lv & prayers, please continue to share your struggles, it helps us all”. So hopefully this means Harrison will head back home to his parents and continue getting better.

Our thoughts go out to both ‘General Hospital’ stars. We hear at Soap Opera Spy will be thinking of the family and look forward to only the best for the Wagner’s. GH and daytime Fans, be sure to reach out to Kristina and jack via the different social media platforms as they go through this trying period, we are sure they will be very appreciative of your kind words.

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    My pryers and thoughts with Jack and Kristina at this trying time.

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