‘General Hospital’ News: GH Alum Jonathan Jackson Seeks Fan Support for New Album – Pre-Order CD To HELP!

'General Hospital' News: GH Alum Jonathan Jackson Seeks Fan Support for New Album - Pre-Order CD To HELP!‘General Hospital’ (GH) fans know that Jonathan Jackson (ex-Lucky Spencer) is a musical wonder and now he’s inviting fans to get involved with his next album. His band Enation is making a new alternative rock EP (a CD that’s longer than a single and shorter than a full album) and is looking for support from fans to help make the music happen.

If you watch Jonathan on Nashville, you know he’s a triple threat – acting, singing, playing guitar… The guy is nothing short of amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if GH brought him back to perform at the Nurse’s Ball? Are you listening Nathan Varni? Frank Valentini?

Jonathan’s latest music project is being funded through a place called Pledge Music which is kind of like Kickstarter for musicians. The deal is, you pre-order the CD which will have five songs recorded by Jonathan Jackson and Enation and this helps him fund the music-making project.

Jackson did an interview about the CD and music he’s making with Enation and when asked if fans would hear a style similar to what he performs on Nashville, he said:

“There’s a lot of music in there that’s similar to what I do on the show in terms of piano, or more soulful kind of music. We love the edgier, alt-rock thing but we also love those moments with intimacy where it’s just about the singer connecting with people.”

Enation is made up of Jonathan Jackson, who plays guitar and sings, his brother Richard Lee Jackson who plays drums, and pal Daniel Sweatt who plays bass. Jonathan started making music at age 11 and dragged his 14 year old brother Richard into the mix. This was the foundation for Enation which formally took shape in 2011 in Nashville.

Jackson said in a recent interview for Pledge Music:

“Our goal is to make music that is inspiring, that’s dynamic, that gives an experience to the listener and the audience in the live shows that’s similar to what we’ve experienced with some of our favorite bands and artists. Music has changed my life. It’s such an integral part of who I am and how I experience the world, that we want to give that experience to people and share that with them.”

There’s a great video on Jackson’s Pledge Music page that shows him working through a new song that’s amazing. You get access to the full video if you pledge to help Jackson and his band with the album. The CD is just $12 and the autographed one is just $20 (but in limited supply), so it’s a bargain price to help an amazing artist and actor.

There’s also a $30 option that gets you a DVD and extra CD with live performances of Jackson and Enation performing in Nashville plus a pricier $105 option that gets you an autographed vinyl edition on top of the CD, plus an autographed photo and some of Jackson’s guitar pics.

If you love Jonathan Jackson and are a fan of his music, this is a great way to show support. It sounds like Jonathan is going all out for this album and said it, “…comes down to authenticity and ripping your heart open to try to tap into that other place, which music can do.”

When he sings, it sure rips our hearts open… sigh… We miss Jonathan Jackson on GH, love him on Nashville and can’t wait to see what he does next.

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