‘General Hospital’ News: Dominic Zamprogna Campaigning For Chad Duell To Star On ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’

'General Hospital' News: Dominic Zamprogna Campaigning For Chad Duell To Star On ABC's 'The Bachelor'Chad Duell for Bachelor!?  The ‘General Hospital’ hunk’s more than helpful co-star Dominic Zamprogna, who you most likely know as Dante Falconeri, is campaigning on Twitter for Chad (Michael Corinthos) to be named the next Bachelor on the ABC reality TV dating show.  Apparently, Dom thinks it’s time for Chad to dive back in to the dating pool.

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Season 20 of ‘The Bachelor‘ is currently airing on ABC on Monday nights, and Ben Higgins is about halfway through the group of women that Chris Harrison selected for him, and soon he will be getting down on one knee and asking the final rose winner to marry him.  If you haven’t seen the reality TV dating show, which is hard to believe seeing as how it has been around for over a decade, the premise basically revolves around one man who dates over 20 women and sends them home one by one until he crowns a winner – he then asks the winner to marry him.  Riveting stuff…really.

On Friday January 29th Dom shared an adorable photo of ‘General Hospital‘ hunk and fan favorite Chad , and he captioned it “Let’s make this dude the next Bachelor. @BachelorABC.”  ‘General Hospital’ fans were thrilled by the idea, and they jumped on the bandwagon and began campaigning for Duell as well – Dom’s Twitter followers even began tweeting ‘#ChadForBachelor” to the official ABC Bachelor page.

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Since Chad Duell’s break-up from his former ‘GH‘ co-star Kristen Alderson in 2015, he hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone.  If Chad has been dating, he has been keeping it very hush hush.  Maybe Dom is right – maybe it is time for Chad to get back up on the saddle and start dating again.  We’re pretty sure there are a line of ‘GH’ fans waiting to compete for a rose from Duell.  What do you think ‘General Hospital’ fans, would you tune in to ‘The Bachelor‘ if Chad Duell was on it?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Cheryl says

    I think it is up to Chad, what he wants to do. If he is ready to date that is his business nobody else.

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