‘General Hospital’ News: Check Out Bradford Anderson’s Hilarious New Video Starring His Daughters

'General Hospital' News: Check Out Bradford Anderson's Hilarious New Video Starring His DaughtersComical Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli, General Hospital) must be feeling more like funnyman Rodney Dangerfield these days, because he can’t get no respect!

Check out his funny video captioned, “The declining effectiveness of #dadjokes.” In it, Anderson tries out his schtick routine at home, to diminishing results. But his loss is our gain, since the end result is hilarious!

First, Anderson approaches his darling daughter Finola, 2. The adorable tot has a food-smudged face and declares, “Daddy, I’m thirsty,” to which Anderson replies, “Hi Thirsty, I’m daddy!” Even though it’s corny as heck, Finola laughs and says, “That’s funny!” 

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Emboldened by his stand-up success, Anderson catches up with daughter Juna, 5.  Juna is playing in her delightful, miniature kitchen, complete with a shiny set of pots and pans! Catching sight of her erstwhile dad, Juna proclaims, “I’m hungry!” Spirited Anderson responds, “Hi Hungry, I’m Daddy!”  However, cute Juna is not amused, and proclaims, “Daddy!” which she follows up with a funny face.

Finally, Anderson approaches his wife Kiera, who looks dog-tired after a busy day taking care of their two adorable children. In a voice that is barely above a whisper, she tells Anderson, “I’m exhausted!”

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Uh, oh, Anderson shouldn’t have pushed his luck! Instead of commiserating with his tired wife, he pushes the envelope and replies, “Hi Exhausted, I’m….” But before he can deliver his silly punchline, he gets a glass of water thrown in his face!

Anderson played to a pretty tough crowd at home, but not all of his fans think he’s a goofball! One GH fan had a comment that’s sure to make Anderson’s day: “You seriously need your own late night TV show! Your humor is brilliant!”

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The declining effectiveness of #dadjokes

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