‘General Hospital’ News: 5 Reasons Why GH Tyler Christopher Is Irreplaceable

GH-Tyler-Christopher‘General Hospital’ (GH) news tease that Tyler Christopher is in a tough spot much like Rebecca Herbst found herself in weeks ago. It has been reported by Daytime Confidential that Tyler has been temporarily replaced by Nick Stabile because of contract issues. But GH won’t be the same without the original Nikolas Cassadine.

Meanwhile, TVLine reports, “A spokesperson for ABC’s one remaining soap could neither say how long the recast would be playing Hayden’s husband nor when the big switch would take place on air. “

Here’s 5 reasons that GH showrunners needs to keep Tyler Christopher in place as Nikolas Cassadine.

#1 Tyler Christopher is an originating actor of a role with two legacy ties

GH fans have watched Tyler Christopher grow from a handsome teen to a striking man. Replacing Tyler as Nikolas would be like recasting Luke Spencer. He’s a Spencer-Cassadine legacy that GH fans would hate to see recast no matter how qualified the replacement actor. Tyler brought the role of Nikolas to life and has lived and played the part for two decades so replacing him would be no easy matter.

Tyler-christopher-emmy#2 Tyler Christopher just won an Emmy

Tyler Christopher landed his first Daytime Emmy Award this year. He’s been nominated four times before, but this was his first Emmy nod in the Outstanding Lead Actor category. It would be a shame for ABC to let him go after he just brought home the coveted prize for his ‘General Hospital’ work. The new darker Cassadine storyline is what brought the award and there’s lots more there to be explored.

#3 Tyler Christopher tirelessly promotes GH

There are plenty of actors on GH who don’t tweet or actively promote the show, but Tyler is not one of them. Not only is he active on Twitter, engaging fans and encouraging them to watch, but he’s also a favorite at fan events and regularly participates in conventions and meet and greets. Compared to Billy Miller, for example, Tyler Christopher is a PR machine for the ABC soap. That should be rewarded.

#4 Tyler Christopher’s Nikolas is important to many storylines

Nikolas is critical to a number of different storylines right now and while a recast could certainly fill in, a new actor would not have the sense of history or knowledge to play into the plots with authenticity. Nik has stories with Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig), Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst), and Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) right now and it would be tough for a new guy to play well on three fronts.

#5 Tyler Christopher has stellar chemistry with other characters

Because he originated the role of Nikolas, Tyler has long-running chemistry with many on the GH character canvas. Tyler and Genie Francis (aka Laura Spencer) have a genuine mother-son vibe because they’ve been together so long and the same goes for his father-son chemistry with Spencer Cassadine (Nicolas Bechtel). A recast would struggle to replicate chemistry that’s natural to Tyler Christopher.

The bottom line is that GH showrunners stirred up a hornet’s nest when they almost lost Rebecca Herbst earlier this year and fans will not be pleased if another long-time favorite is at risk because ABC is playing hardball with Tyler Christopher in renewal negotiations – particularly when they continue to add newbies to the cast.

What do you think GH fans? Are you upset about the possibility of losing Tyler Christopher as Nikolas? Share your comments below and be sure to tweet @GeneralHospital if you want to save Tyler as Nikolas. Tune into Soap Opera Spy every day for more “General Hospital” spoilers and news.

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  1. Chris Ramirez says

    Pay him what he’s asking, he errend it.There is NO other Nikolas!.

    1. Kevin Pham says

      yes that is the real reason right there, if they are going to just give him a bad role.. then you better pay him more… and give him a better storyline stop making NICK be the punching bag like FRANO is supposed to be to the jASAM storyline!! TC is VETERAN to GH stopp giving Hogwarts this much special treatment because of his status as an actor… TC is what made NICK the character it is today… ANd TC is above this all.. stop giving him bogus storylines
      allow NICK to redeem himself now it’s time!!!!

      we all loved TC’s return of NICK during 2013.. it was amazing he was awesome and ready to be back on GH.. remember over the past year he was not in shape he was not looking too good and he was not as enthuisatic to do his role as NICK.. during 2014-2016.. the audience could see it.. he cut his hair he was putting on weight
      noo TC was more happier to be back on GH durign 2013-2014.. he had longer hair he was in shape and he enjoyed taking his clothes off we all saw it he was HAPPY.. we can see the differnce between the behavior of the portrayal of the actor when they down grade the way the present themselves to be these characters these writers are making them out to be.. get TC NICK away from teh JASAM storylines give him the same deal they gave to most likely Micahel Easton… why else hasn’t Dr. FINN been accounted to be acknowledged by the characte SAM and JASOn..
      of course there is something going on here…
      while the character SAM hasn’t seen KIKi or Dr. Finn all this time.. what is going on.. explain these faults or at least put those scenes on teh screen so we can make sense of what is going on…
      and they need to pay. what TC deserves.. after this monstroscity of storylines let’s not forget what Rebbeca Herbst just went through why are they doing this DOUBLE STANDARD upon him… TC can act circles around KeMo and Billy M.. TC should go to Y&R his talents as an actor is above these levels of these worthless GH writers…
      and as of now and to this date we all can clearly see that..

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