‘General Hospital’ News: 5 Characters We Want To Return To ‘GH’

'General Hospital' News: 5 Characters We Want To Return To 'GH'

“General Hospital” (GH) fans understand, of all actors, soap characters, in particular, are known for their comings and goings. Whether it’s coming back from the dead or moving from Pine Valley to Port Charles, favorites move all over the place; it’s a fact of soap life. Not all departures are created equal, however, and on occasions, it’s horrible to see them go. Below is a list of General Hospital’s residents we want to return!

Steve Burton as Jason Morgan

This selection is not a stab at Billy Miller. Personally, I love the new Jason but the fact remains that Steve Burton tops the list of General Hospital favorites. Therefore, if there was a must have return wish-list, he would certainly top it. Fans may be OK with Miller portraying Jason, but most would certainly not hate it if Burton returned. (On a side-note, it would be great to see Billy stay if that happened. Maybe an imposter??!? Keep that in mind writers!)

'General Hospital' News: 5 Characters We Want To Return To 'GH'

Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud)

Thiebaud stormed into Port Charles as a typical bad girl, a dime a dozen type character. The longer she was in town, however, the more the character developed into a dynamic addition to the cast. She managed to be incredibly easy to hate and even easier to love. It seemed just when the character was at the top of her game; she was shipped off to who knows where! It would be a fantastic addition to the Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher) story line to see her return.

'General Hospital' News: 5 Characters We Want To Return To 'GH'

Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary)

The world of General Hospital moves along just fine without this icon character; however, his retirement departure fell short of expectations. It would be amazing for his character to go out with a huge memorable bang! I don’t know if the next generation of General Hospital needs him to stay, but they certainly need him to go out in a fashion that is suitable for the character. Luke Spencer back in town is always a good thing!

'General Hospital' News: 5 Characters We Want To Return To 'GH'

Jasper Jax (Ingo Rademacher)

Apparently TPTB heard our requests, Jasper is set to return to ‘GH‘ this month.  This good guy millionaire is a missing class in Port Charles. Everyone loves a bad boy, but on occasions, it would be nice to believe, at least for a second, that legal measures bound the guy… Well, maybe not 100% legal but at least he’s probably not going to kill anyone! It seems there are only cops and mobsters these days! His history with Sonny (Maurice Benard), his beautiful accent and sexy good looks make him one to miss!

'General Hospital' News: 5 Characters We Want To Return To 'GH'

Rosalie Martinez (Linda Elena Tovar)

Bring her back. Tell us her stupid secret. Please, make it something shocking or at least worth watching- and then kill her off if you need to. For goodness sake- please just do that- One episode then BAM, over- the end. If simply only for the principle of the matter, she needs to return!

What do you think GH fans, who would you like to see return? Comment below and let us know. Also, come back to Soap Opera Spy every day for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers plus interviews, news and more.

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  1. beargray says

    Jason – Steve Burton, but give ‘new Jason’ an ongoing role – maybe in the psyche ward at GH… keep Heather and others there for ‘medical story-line connections.

  2. Abequa234 says

    Nope on the Steve Burton returning as Jason. I never thought anyone could replace Steve but I’ve grown to love Billy Miller even more. Hope he stays forever.

    1. Kevin Pham says

      u like him as JASOn because his acting as JASOn doesn’t outshine KeMo.. but steve burton’s acting as Jason always outshined SAM’s…. i miss STeve burton he will always be the real JASON…. now the role of jASON looks like a day care service.. and the cue in music as if it signals the audience as if they are little kids being told it’s time to go sleep when they cue in the JASAM music indicating that JASON and SAm are about to do some kind romantic overrate thing to each other… =__=…. JASAM is boring now…. i want the show to just focus on the tradgey storylines now… that is the only way to keep viewers…. attention spans long enough…

    2. Barbara White says

      Bully Miller is great just not as Jason. I want Steve Burton back as Jason

  3. Kevin Pham says

    bring STEVE burton BACK as some new for the role of lIZ.. maybe SB could be the long lost true QUATERMAINE that nobody knew about…. while they needed that % for the ELQ storyline line…

    1. Kevin Pham says

      and he could be the twin of the new JASON MORGAN.. and at the same time become a role that is for the quatermaines success in beocming a doctor and own the ELQ shares rightfully i assumed SB”s role on the YOUNG and RESTLESS was going to intewine with the addams.. but it was never gonig to happen thanks to PHLEPS.. so they should have SB do that kind of role now on GH… and we can pair Steve burton presumed role with LIZ to end this travesty of a devalue farce of storyline… that has been demoralizng the role of LIZ since 2006 which needs to stop now..

  4. Barbara White says

    I agree with all but the last two I could care less if jax never comes back and Rosalie can stay gone. She and her storyline never made any sense.

  5. VikkiDevine says

    Nope. Sorry. Y&R can keep Steve Burton. His one note portrayal of Jason got tiresome very quickly. Billy Miller is the best thing that happened to the Qs since Jane Elliot joined the cast.

  6. disonba35 says

    In my humble opinion I don’t want to see any one of them return, maybe Luke for a visit, I was sick when Steve Burton left as Jason but now that we have Billy, he can stay over at the hung and the breastless, Billy has made Stone Cold his own!

  7. ceecee says

    Besides The Britch I could live without any of these characters. I kind of like Dr O, Nathan and Nina as family and wish they would play that up..and add Britt. Rosalie . ..why?? Luke, for a visit and please keep Jax and Brenda wherever they are. There are way too many characters on the canvas right now for the writers to keep up the stories!

  8. Chris Graf-Williams says

    Rosalie’s secret was that she was married to Brad.

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