‘General Hospital’ Interview: Kelly Monaco Dishes On Sam Morgan’s Mystery Illness, JaSam Scenes, Plus Her Relationship With Rebecca Herbst

'General Hospital' Interview: Kelly Monaco Dishes On Sam Morgan's Mystery Illness, JaSam Scenes, Plus Her Relationship With Rebecca HerbstGeneral Hospital’s Kelly Monaco, better known as Sam Morgan, recently sat down with Michael Fairman for an interview at the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Event and she had lots to say. Kelly Monaco portrays the part of Samantha Morgan, which is a character that you absolutely love or love to hate.

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It is so sad that Kelly feels she can’t get on social media much because of the hate towards the character she plays. She talks about how fans take it to extremes when it comes to the Sam vs Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). She reveals, “Even if you are talking about a character, some of the language that is being used is so inappropriate. But they are super passionate, and if the fan factions really hate each other then I guess we are doing our job well.” Kelly said Rebecca Herbst is one of the top three closet friends she has.

Kelly Monaco also reveals that she feels that she is judge based on her past decisions that she has made. She admits, growing up she thought that they were the cool things to do, but now not so much. We have all been there and these should be left in the past.

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A lot of fans have been voicing their opinions on how they feel about the fact that there aren’t a lot of Sam, Danny and Jason (Billy Miller) scenes.. Kelly also touches on that subject saying “I don’t remember the last time I have seen Danny. One day Sam tucked him into bed, and I have not seen him since. I had to sing this lullaby, and I did not know what I was doing. (laughs) And, this was to the new kid playing the part. I am like, Oh, Hi Child. What’s your name? You’re five years older than the other kid.”

GH fans are in for some major story developments in the days ahead. Sam has returned from Cassadine Island, which she says she wished they could have stayed longer and it had been like “Survivor”, and now she will be getting examined by Dr. Finn who tells Sam “There are some things going on in that part of the World that has lead to spread of some diseases that are not normally found there”, talking about Greece.

Kelly says she doesn’t know where they are going with this storyline but if it’s going the way she hopes it does then she’s excited to play the part because she doesn’t think it has been done on General Hospital, maybe other soaps though. So are you excited for what’s to come on GH? Don’t forget to tune in!  You can check out the full interview with Michael Fairman here, it’s a must read!

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  1. Paula Mateo says

    I love your character you play …. your awesome they are just jealous

  2. Kevin Pham says

    it’s very funny to read this article because
    let’s not forget during 2005 AOL DAYS when REBBECA HERBST CHARACTER was spending time with JASON from taht year all way to 2009..

    the JASAM FANBASE wanted her head on a stick.. in fact it’s been like that toward the role of REBBECA HERBST who plays LIZ since 2005… over a decade.. and you know what..
    REBECCA HERBST has never complained to an interviewer about how passionate her fans are at the injustices her ROLE as LIZ get’s…

    so to see the actress feel upset about FANS who dislike the role of SAM.. she should get over it.. put on a SMILE that’s your JOB.. do it right or don’t do it all… but don’t MANIPULATE FANS on how they should feel towards what they spend time to VIEW and give VIEWERSHIP to a SHOW that has been RUNNING LONGER before you arrived… to play your ROLE…

    CARLY and LIZ LULU AVA and MONICA and LAURA and TRACY and MONICA have had the most HATE from FANS for many years… if you have a problem with social media and fans…. that is tough.. but WOMAN UP.. you have every reason to HAVE a GOOD LIFE.. so why allow FANS bother you when you are living it up….

    makes no sense to be upset what people behind computer screens are saying about the character you play taht makes you a fortune.. if you had a therapist or a HUSBAND they would help encourage you to be stronger not have the sentiments to feel that you should doubt what your doing whether it is right for you or not…

    as to that all people have the right to have their OWN OPINION you cannot ENSLAVE a whole WORLD to LUV your character…. that is manipulation and afterall it was GUZA who created your character.. you didn’t create GH…. these writers DID… so KNOW YOUR ROLE… and play your part.. if not give it to someone who won’t allow the opinons of fans to weaken your strenght as an actress…

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