‘General Hospital’ Interview: Emme Rylan Dishes On ‘GH’ Baby Drama – Do Lulu And Stavros Have A Secret Baby?

'General Hospital' Interview: Emme Rylan Dishes On 'GH' Baby Drama - Do Lulu And Stavros Have A Secret Baby?General Hospital’s Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) wants to add another baby to her family of three. Lulu has been down a rocky road when it comes to the pregnancy department, so will there be another Lante (Lulu & Dante) baby on the way or is there a mysterious Cassadine baby out there who’s bio mom is actually Lulu?

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There has been a lot of “baby talk” recently however, there was a key message to Lulu during the video reading of Helena’s (Constance Towers) will that said “It is to you that I owe the greatest and most sincere debt. Lulu has done the most for me, more than she’ll ever know. You may not appreciate this right away, and I understand you may not want to explore this. You can always ignore what this means, but I believe that you will regret that, because there may come a time when your life is empty, and this will give you what you need.”

During the GHFCW Emme Rylan chatted with On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman and this is what she had to say on the baby subject “Ok, here are my thoughts: Lulu wants to have another baby, but they hinted that out there could be another baby. Lulu does not know. It is not in her mind anywhere that there could be another baby out there. Helena may have done something, and it would have been Lulu’s eggs that they would have harvested.”

So GH fans what do you think, is there another baby out there? Could this be why we recently seen Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) saying she had a feeling Lulu would be having a girl? It could be a possibility she already has a daughter out there somewhere she doesn’t know about.

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When asked if Stavros (Robert Kelker-Kelly) would be the likely baby daddy of this never- before seen spawn Emme reveals “If that were the case, I would assume it would be Stavros who they would have used as the father of the child. But I don’t know! “

How would you GH fans like to see this storyline go? Hopefully, Helena is just messing with everyone’s head like she loves to do but there is never no telling when it comes to her. So we will just have to stay tuned to General Hospital to find out!

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