‘General Hospital’ (GH) POLL: Who Is Dr Griffin Munro? How Is He Tied to Anna? VOTE!

'General Hospital' (GH) POLL: Who Is Dr Griffin Munro? How Is He Tied to Anna? VOTE!‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that Dr Griffin Munro [Matt Cohen] will continue to lurk around Anna Devane [Finola Hughes] but we won’t find out for a week or so the exact nature of their relationship. Check out some ideas about how Anna and Griffin may be linked and vote in the POLL.

#1 Griffin is Anna and Duke’s son

If you know your Anna and Duke Lavery [Ian Buchanan] history, you’ll recall that Anna was pregnant in 1988 by Duke when a jealous Olivia Jerome tried to kill Duke by rigging an elevator. Anna ended up in the crash instead and lost their baby at about four months along. TPTB could have rewritten history (it’s been done before) to imply the child survived and was stolen or some other nonsense.

#2 Griffin is Duke and Olivia Jerome’s son

If you recall, Olivia is Julian Jerome’s (William deVry) sister but he killed her way back when – but we know that the dead sometimes come back in Port Charles. Duke had a one-night stand with Olivia and she claimed she was pregnant the same time that Anna was. Later she said she lied, but Griffin could be that child if history was tweaked which would make him both a Jerome and a Lavery.

#3 Griffin is Duke and some other woman’s son

Duke had many, many years away from Anna so he could have fathered a child with another woman. Perhaps Griffin is on the hunt for Anna because his mother told him that Anna was the love of his father Duke’s life and that Duke eventually went back to her. Maybe Griffin wants to find out what it is his dad saw in Anna and that’s why he’s stalking her all around Port Chuck.

#4 Griffin is Anna’s son with someone else

Anna was also off the GH map for years. She had a child with David Hayward when she was on All My Children. That kid was a girl named Leona that died shortly after birth, but there could have been a hidden twin that was stolen away. You never know with soaps. However, that Pine Valley baby would only be a teen by now, but since soaps like to age kids, it’s still possible.

#5 Griffin is Anna’s alien baby

Remember that ridiculous Casey the Alien plot back in 1990? He was the alien from Lumina that was hanging out with Robin Scorpio… The night he left for his home planet, Anna shagged a Casey doppelganger named Shep. Maybe on Lumina the men get pregnant and Griffin has been chilling on another planet all these years… Let’s hope he’s not an alien baby. (LOL)

Vote in the POLL – who do you think Griffin is to Anna? Vote then share your comments below and check back with Soap Opera Spy often for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers and more.

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