‘Genera Hospital’ News: Chloe Lanier Starring in Upcoming Indie Film

'Genera Hospital' News: Chloe Lanier Starring in Upcoming Indie FilmChloe Lanier (Nelle) may be a newcomer to General Hospital, but the young actress is honing her acting chops every chance she gets.

Lanier has spilled that she will be in the upcoming film, “Gorman.” The independent movie sounds like a challenge that even the most seasoned of actresses would love to sink their teeth into!

“Gorman,” may be a full length movie, but it stars only two people! Can you imagine being one of two actors responsible for the success of a film? Lanier definitely deserves props for expanding her career in such a daring manner.

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If you’re wondering when the talented thespian has time to star in other projects, you don’t need to worry that she’s left her General Hospital role. The popular soap is taking a two week break from filming, and that gives Lanier ample time to moonlight.

GH fans will be no doubt be happy to hear that Lanier is still with the soap. Since coming to town, Nelle has brought more than her share of intrigue to Port Charles, and that pattern of suspense looks set to continue well into the future.

What we do know about the mysterious woman with the lengthy stomach scar is that Nelle is Joslynn Jax’s (Ingo Rademacher) kidney donor (or do we?). The mysterious Nelle hasn’t shared much information about her past, even though she’s insinuated herself into Carly Corinthos’ (Laura Wright) life and family.

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Grieving Carly is extremely grateful that Nelle has been a steady presence in her time of need. In fact, unselfish but secretive Nelle has been helping a lot of people lately. Is she too good to be true or will she turn out to be the angel that everyone seems to think she is? Be sure to stay tuned to General Hospital to find out what Nelle is all about!

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