‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers Week Of July 11: Hope Uncovers Aiden’s Lies – Can She Save Rafe?

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers Week Of July 11: Hope Uncovers Aiden's Lies - Can She Save Rafe?All soaps are going all out this summer including ‘Days of Our Lives’. The love triangle of the century including Rafe [Galen Gering], Hope [Kristina Alfonso] and Aiden [Daniel Cosgrove] is about to get hotter next week.

‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers reveal that Hope will uncover all of Aiden’s lies next week. The latest issue of the Soap Opera Digest Magazine is on the stands and in it Alfonso speaks about her character. Alfonso says, “Hope worked really hard to look pass Aiden being in cahoots with the DiMeras but it looks like she’s going right back to where she started when he resurfaced earlier this year.”

“There are no words to describe what Hope thinks of Aiden. She’s disgusted and feels betrayed,” Alfonso shared with SOD. Hope will learn that Rafe’s life is in danger after he’s been kidnapped and being the good cop she is Hope gets involved. “Hope’s reaction is utter horror,” Alfonso told SOD as she previews the upcoming story. Rafe will be kidnapped and Hope will do everything in her power to rescue him, but can she?

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Rafe recently discovered that Aiden and Andre [Thaao Penghlis] have been meeting at the prison so therefore Aiden is working with the DiMeras, although he denied it.

When caught in her love triangle Hope chose Aiden but now it seems she’s made the wrong decision. Now that Rafe knows the truth, Andre will no doubt take matters in his own hands or encourage Aiden to do so. What will happen now? How much trouble is Rafe in? Will they hurt Rafe? Who will save him? What do you think fans? Do you think Hope made the wrong choice – should she have chosen Rafe instead? Will Hope stick with Aiden when all this is over or will she return to Rafe?

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