‘Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chloe’s Imagination Runs Wild, Nightmares Make Her Fear for Baby – Philip Hopes to Solve Deimos Dilemma

'Days of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Chloe’s Imagination Runs Wild, Nightmares Make Her Fear for Baby – Philip Hopes to Solve Deimos Dilemma“Days of Our Lives” spoilers tease that Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) will continue to worry about what the future holds. Now that Chloe is pregnant with Deimos’ (Vincent Irizarry) child, she’s got a lot on her mind. Chloe knows that Deimos is dangerous and unpredictable. He’s about the last person she wants as her baby’s father.

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DOOL spoilers indicate that Chloe will have more nightmares about the trouble she’s facing. In her next dream, Deimos will make a bold move after discovering Chloe’s baby belongs to him. Chloe’s mind will undoubtedly create a worst-case scenario. She’ll grow increasingly concerned about the power Deimos might have over her.

Chloe has been lied to repeatedly and she just doesn’t trust that Deimos is capable of changing. There’s no denying that Deimos has done some evil things. Chloe doesn’t want her child exposed to that kind of peril. She may believe that Deimos will take this kid under his wing and make him or her a manipulative mini-me.

Fortunately, Philip (John-Paul Lavoisier) will be around to help Chloe cope with this crisis. Chloe’s imagination will be running wild, but Philip will think she should consider a new fantasy. “Days” spoilers say Philip will suggest that they can create a family together. He’ll offer to marry Chloe and pose as the father of her baby.

Philip will point out that he’d be the most believable option. If Chloe is going to keep her child, she needs a story that Deimos will buy. Chloe won’t be sure that’s the right thing to do. Even though Deimos is devious, Chloe will probably feel a little guilty about keeping him out of the loop.

Plus, Chloe may fear that they simply can’t pull this off. “Days of Our Lives” spoilers say Philip will insist that he can take care of this. He’ll feel confident that the plan will work. Philip will give Chloe some time to think over his proposal, but he won’t wait around forever. He’ll eventually expect a decision.

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“Days of Our Lives” spoilers reveal that Chloe’s panic will be a huge factor in her choice. It sounds like Philip may get his wish. DOOL rumors hint that Deimos will learn the truth down the road, but Chloe might get by with her deception for a while.

“Days” fans will be anxious to see how the drama plays out. We’ll give you updates as more news emerges. Stay tuned and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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