‘Days of Our Lives’ News: Jen Lilley Asks ‘DOOL’ Fans For Help To Fit In Emmy Dress – 9 Days To Lose 2 Inches

‘Days of Our Lives' News: Jen Lilley Asks ‘DOOL’ Fans For Help To Fit In Emmy Dress – 9 Days To Lose 2 Inches‘Days of Our Lives’ Jen Lilley [Theresa Donovan] has an Emmy dress dilemma. Jen is asking ‘DOOL’ fans to help her lose 2 inches in 9 days so that she can fit into her designer gown for the glamorous evening.

Social media is a great place to get motivated, so Jen thought she would reach out to fans for a little help. Jen recorded a short video clip revealing that she had sent her measurements off to the designer of her Emmy dress two months ago.

“I just realized today that I have gained 2-inches. So, I thought, I hate working out and I hate dieting but maybe I’ll post about it and I’ll post my 9 day journeys of hell and you guys can encourage me. Help!”

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Jen wrote the caption, “#Help #9DaysinHELL there are not enough emojis to even communicate the next 9 #Days. Y’all, this is going to be hilarious. #roadtotheemmys #SOS.” Many ‘DOOL’ fans had suggestions, everything from a daily fiber boost to a 7 day cleanse.

The ‘Days of Our Lives’ later posted a photo of herself dressed in workout gear, hair up in a ponytail, earbuds in and wearing dark sunglasses. She’s scowling at the camera and wrote the accompanying caption, “day one workout of #9DaysinHELL: 8.5 mile hike. #roadtotheemmys my eye lash shadow tells it all.”

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‘DAYS’ fans were very encouraging and congratulated Jen on her commitment to losing those 2 inches. “Day one done!” one fan replied. Another said, “Wow 8 miles. I can’t even do two.”

If Jen Lilley keeps up the pace of taking an 8.5 mile hike every day for the next 9 days she’ll have no trouble at all fitting into that Emmy dress. She may even have an inch to spare!

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