‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: Daniel Cosgrove Back For Extended Stay On DOOL

'Days Of Our Lives' News: Daniel Cosgrove Back For Extended Stay On DOOLJason47 Days website is reporting that Daniel Cosgrove is back at “Days of Our Lives” for a lengthy stay. According to the report rather than just a brief appearance in a couple episodes Cosgrove will be with the series for a while. This is great news for those who have been following Cosgrove since his earlier roles on “Guiding Light”, “All My Children” and “As the World Turns.”

It was earlier this year that information was released regarding Cosgrove’s return to the popular NBC show. He played Aiden for a while before being killed off at the hands of Bo Brady (Peter Reckell). When the news was originally released many wondered if Cosgrove would be returning as a ghost, as Aiden alive and well or as a new character. But according to this report it seems Cosgrove will once again play the hot hunky attorney Aiden Jennings.

Fans dearly miss this guy, who within a short time drew them in and gained their love and devotion to his character. His pairing with long time actress Kristian Alfonso (Hope Brady) wheeled in many Bo and Hope fans. Several viewers were disappointed with the show’s decision to kill off Aiden. It seems they have made one wrong right by hiring Cosgrove again.

Since Cosgrove is not just back for a brief stint, this indicates he will not be playing a ghost but rather Aiden alive and in the flesh. But how is this possible many may wonder. Could the DiMera’s have a hand in this? Could the Aiden we met before be an impostor? Could he be returning to help his son Chase (Jonathon McClendon) deal with the aftermath of raping Ciara (Vivian Jovani)? What storyline will he be tied into? What will this do to Hope Brady? We will all have to wait and see.

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  1. SLH says

    Seriously! DOOL has surely lost it’s collective mind. This makes no sense at all why didn’t they just ship him off to the same incompetent Looney bin they sent Ben to then they could have escaped together. Identity swaps,rising from the dead,repeat,repeat,repeat.

  2. carole says

    not at all pleased with this news…..

  3. Sophy says

    Well not all fans are excited. This is really pissing on the Bo/Hope reunion. BOPE fans should mobilize just like Haiden fans did and stop watching and supporting this show. It must pay to kiss KA ass. DC keep it firmly planted there so you can keep your job.

  4. Tess says

    Aiden’s twin please…not a return from the dead….again

  5. PM says

    I made the comment when Aiden was killed that it wasn’t really him. I also said that it was a clone created by Andre and Stefano. It should not come as any surprise. As far as the Bo and Hope ( not BOPE) reunion. Peter said he will not return and that this was to put closure to his character. It makes no sense that some posters are requesting a boycott. If an individual choses not to watch anymore then that is their choice. There are plenty of faithful fans that will continue to watch. I am anxious to see what they will do with Aiden and see how he will be redeemed. The character that I hate to see come back is Batty Ben and I am sure there will be plenty of disagreements to that. I cant wait until they decide to bring EJ back with a recast. It will happen eventually. I know there are going to be disagreements on that as well. That’s ok though because I am just stating my opinion just like everyone else.

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