‘Days Of Our Lives’ Interview: James Lastovic Discusses Joey And Jade Romance, Upcoming Projects, Plus Reveals His Favorite ‘DOOL’ Co-Star!

'Days Of Our Lives' Interview: James Lastovic Discusses Joey And Jade Romance, Upcoming Projects, Plus Reveals His Favorite 'DOOL' Co-Star!Are you a James Lastovic [Joey Johnson] fan? Soap Opera Spy got the opportune privilege to have a little chat with the young ‘Days of Our Lives’ actor. In our chat he shared a brief insight to his character Joey, what it was like to work with the award-winning Mary Beth Evans [Kayla], what’s coming up for Joey and Jade [Paige Searcy] and more. Take a look at the full interview below.

SOS: Good Day James! Thanks for stopping by to have this little chat…how are you?

James: Doing pretty well, thank you.

SOS: Happy to hear…such fun to see you on ‘Days of our Lives’…what’s going with that at the moment? what can you share?

JAMES: Unfortunately I can’t share much about what we’re currently shooting, but I believe Joey has just gotten out of the hospital on air.

SOS: Yes he has! which is good! Hopefully, Joey gets some hot romantic scenes in the near future.

JAMES: I hope so too! Haha. I think right now he’s focused on staying sane. He’s had a few traumatic experiences (to say the least) in the past few months that have altered the way he sees himself and the world

SOS: And change is a must when you’re Kayla Brady’s son! What is it like working with Mary Beth Evans an extremely talented actress and an Emmy Winner at that?

JAMES: She really is talented; she makes it look so easy. She’ll be joking around with me or Stephen before a scene and 30 seconds later her face is red as a tomato because she’s so angry, or she breaks down during an emotional moment. I guess that’s where years of experience come in handy.

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SOS: Very much so and no doubt you have been doing a fine job as Joey, was it hard for you when you first got the role?

JAMES: Thank you. When I first got the role I was very nervous. It was my first tv job so I didn’t really know what to expect, or what was expected of me. I think the nerves held me back at the beginning, but once I got comfortable it became a place where I could take risks and learn from failure.

SOS: Awesome! Trust me, you are doing an excellent job. One thing Soap Opera Spy has been wondering is there anyone you haven’t gotten the chance to work with yet that would love to?

JAMES: Casey Moss and I have become buds off stage so I think it would be fun to have a storyline with him.

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SOS: It should – maybe Joey could work on becoming a cop…

JAMES: Or a villain 

SOS: That too…what bout other projects outside of Days is there any you can tease about?

JAMES: I’m working on writing a movie that has a chance at getting produced, if all goes well.

SOS: Hopefully it does! keep us posted and before you go, Is there anything you’d like to or can tease about Joey or his relationship with Jade?

JAMES: They’re going to have an experience in the near future that will make or break their relationship.

SOS: Ok James, it was fun chatting with you! Thanks for stopping by!

JAMES: Likewise!

So there you have it ‘Days of Our Lives’ fans – are you hoping Joey and Jade stay together? What do you want to see next for Joey?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy for all of your ‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers and news.

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