‘Days Of Our Lives’ Comings and Goings: DOOL Casting Two New Roles

'Days Of Our Lives' Comings and Goings: DOOL Casting Two New Roles‘Days of Our Lives’ is seeking to cast two additional roles. According to Soap Opera Digest the latest casting call seeks to add the role of Hilary and Gleason. Both roles are slated to being taping in mid-September and falls under the new co-head writing team. With the show taping so far in advance their first airdate will not be until 2017.

Hilary is a police officer which means she joins the Salem Police Department. The casting call highlights that the show seeks a striking actress who is in her mid-30’s to fill the role; she can also be of any ethnicity. She is described as “outgoing and warm…. She has recently taken a leave of absence from her job for a few months to recover from an intense case that she solved.” SOD reveals that the role is short term as Hilary will only be around for an 8-10 episode story arc. So who could Hilary be? Do you think the character will have potential to return in the future?

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The next role of Gleason is someone who should be a strong and experienced actor between the ages of 35 – 45. He is described as “a right-hand man to a crime boss is Salem”. SOD further shared that those who wish to audition for the role should be 6’0 or even taller but should not be over 6’4. “He has a charm and ease about him but can turn on a dime and be your worst nightmare,” the casting call highlights. This is yet another short term role; it is scheduled to be a two-day principal role but has the possibility of being more in the future.

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So Days fans do you have any suggestions of who could fill these roles, who would you suggest?

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  1. Dick Patten 17 says

    I know i am an old rerun, but what in the heck is the matter with the writers, we need Will back. Don[t tell me that he is dead, okay, but in soap opera world, i have seen so many dead characters come back alive. Will could be a twin, could be a hostage due to Deimos, could be in a coma by Ben; If they want the ratings to come up, get him back on the show. Paul ruined sonny and him the first time, so now it is payback, let Will come back and be the dad he is supposed to be and the husband to Sonny. You know what is funny is that when Sonny was hurt, no one ever blamed his grandfather who caused the whole incident, i remember his ring being taken off and thrown in the bushes. NBC is just as stupid as ABC, they disregard the fans do what they dam well please.

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