‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) The Road Ahead: Murder and Mayhem Coming To Genoa City – Pratt Strikes Again

YR-The-Road-Ahead“Young and the Restless” fans are on the edge of their seats anticipating what kind of action head writer Charles Pratt has planned for Nov. sweeps. During Feb. sweeps- his first month of writing- the fans saw a building collapse, a plane crash, a serial killer, a doppelganger and Neil (Kristoff St. John) started to unravel in a very disturbing way. It was definitely too much action for a relatively short amount of time. It brought up the question about what he could have planned next for “Y&R.”

Fans are almost scared to question what plots he is cooking up his sleeve right now. Fans watched in disgust as he trashed and ruined Neil Winters to someone no one even recognized anymore. An inside source has maintained for quite some time that Neil is not to blame for Hilary’s (Mishael Morgan) disappearance- someone is.

One can assume that will be how Pratt will redeem Neil. Everyone assumes that Neil did something to hurt Hilary. Longtime fans have stated over and over that deep down, Neil is a good guy- and he wouldn’t harm anyone. He has become almost Victor-like. Another tidbit from Daytime Confidential for November sweeps is Pratt is planning on another murder mystery. He promised that more murder is coming to Genoa City. The official spoilers for “Y&R” stated that Dylan would come to Sharon’s aid to help with a mystery. Is it possible that Sharon is involved in yet another murder mystery?

“Young and the Restless” fans should brace themselves for another action-packed sweep’s month. It looks like Pratt only knows how to write what Twitter is referring to by the term “Prattastrophes.” Die-hard fans have voiced that they wished he’s going back to the basics. They don’t want to see any more paternity shake-ups, doppelgangers, or murders.

Charles Pratt has his share of haters. One fact remains; Neilson’s ratings have been higher under his writing than it has in years. The fans maintain they are not happy with his writing; however, the ratings for the show are increasing steadily.

It looks like fans should brace themselves now and accept that there will be more murder and mayhem in Genoa City, Wisconsin during Nov. sweeps. Fans, if you could pick one character to be killed off the show, who would you pick? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Isabel says

    They should kill kyle. He sucks as an actor anyways.

    1. Judy Powers says

      I agree with killing off Kyle; he can’t act and adds nothing to the show. I’d also get rid of Sharon. TPTB won’t do the latter, but I can dream, can’t I?

  2. Melissa says

    I would love to see Neil get killed off

  3. Cathy says

    Colin. I’d like to see him deader than dead. As in never a chance to come back again dead.

  4. Judy Powers says

    Kill SHARON!!! Please, please, pretty please? With sugar on it?

  5. ceecee says

    Kyle…either that or recast…maybe a double murder Kyle and Summer.

  6. sue says

    I think the story line is so boring it is a killing or a baby loss no one is ever happy any more go back to the basic story line if just for awhile sick of this soap thinking of going to another one. Couples should last longer than one week.

  7. deshell says

    for me it would be Sharon im sick of being forced on us all the time she no longer bring anything to the table and her son can’t live his life for babysitting her all the Sharon needs to go

  8. Nicole says

    victor… So sick of him and he holy then now aditude AND always getting away with the MOST awful unforgivable things. So over VICTOR. And I DONT want Sharon killed off… I’m Finally liking her with Dylan and wish they could be happy… what a mistake to have her lose the baby.. I’m pissed!

    1. Shalewa M. Daniels says

      Amen to that!!! I hope Victor is the murder victim, because I sure as hell can’t stand this SOB!! He acts like his crap doesn’t stink, that he’s never wrong, and that only he knows best. He does the most heinous, unforgivable things to people all under the pretense of doing it for his family, which IMO is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. Everything Victor Newman does is for Victor Newman ONLY!!

  9. Laura luther says

    Yes, the ratings are high, because we are diehard fans!! That does not mean we like the storylines or what Pratt is doing to the characters! He is a horrible writer. All the women of GC are now sluts. There is no true love anymore on the Y&R. Mrs Kathrine Chancellor is spinning in her grave!
    We love The Young and the Restless! That is why we continue to watch.
    Pratt sucks! We do not like him or his storylines! Get rid of him!!

  10. Carol Gohman says

    It seems like none of the characters are happy anymore.
    Can’t we have some happily married couples. Victor is
    Getting away with to much. Punish Victor in some way.
    I love the y&r. Please don’t tear it apart.

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