‘The Young And The Restless’ (Y&R) RUMORS: Hilary Awakens Nov. 12, Suffers From Amnesia – Thinks She’s Still Married To Neil?

'The Young And The Restless' (Y&R) RUMORS: Hilary Awakens Nov. 12, Suffers From Amnesia - Thinks She's Still Married To Neil?“The Young and the Restless” spoilers revealed Hilary [Mishael Morgan] would return on November 12. When she returns, she may not immediately remember she is married to Devon [Bryton James]; spoilers hint that she could believe that she is married to Neil [Kristoff St. John] and won’t remember her life with Devon. It is truly a worst-case scenario for Hevon fans.

Hilary’s fans have been anxious awaiting her return to canvas next month. They have counted the weeks until she returns to tell everyone what Neil did. There’s only one problem- she will think Neil is her husband and won’t think there’s anything wrong with him keeping her away from Devon.

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The spoilers aren’t giving much of the storyline away just that she will arrive at the hospital and make a complete recovery. The rumors stated she would suffer amnesia and not remember her life with Devon. Apparently, she will tell him she has no feelings for him. When it is time for her hospital discharge, she demands to go home with Neil- and not Devon.

Devon becomes distraught by the thought that his wife doesn’t remember their amazing life together. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t remember their lives together, and wonders if this could be a sick joke- karma if you will – for him cheating with her when she was married to his father. Eventually, she remembers their wedding and life with him, but it could take months- the rumors teased. In fact, it may take so long that it is scheduled to be part of the storyline for February sweeps, according to the Internet rumors.

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Fans are not happy that she won’t immediately remember Devon and their lives together. They waited for months for the reunion, and they feel like the show is cheating them from the emotional reunion they envisioned. Head scribe, Chuck Pratt stated a few weeks ago that the Hevon reunion would be satisfying in the end. The real question is, how long will fans have to wait to see the Hamilton’s start their lives together? Who do you think is framing Cane [Daniel Goddard] for the ransom scam – Colin [Tristian Rogers] or Neil?

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