The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki’s Love Story – How They Met

The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki's Love Story - How They Met

Nikki Reed Newman [Melody Thomas Scott] and Victor Newman [Eric Braeden] have been a super couple for over 3 decades, married to each other multiple times they always seem to make it home to each other regardless of the pitfalls their relationship undergoes. This is one of Soap histories true fairy tale couples.

The beginning of the love story of Nikki and Victor could be compared to the movie “Pretty Woman” in which a wealthy man [Victor] meets the girl [Nikki] from the wrong side of the tracks. Niki was a prostitute and a stripper at Club Bayou when they met.

Victor had just gotten over a divorce from his wife Julia played by [Meg Bennett], Victor’s best friend was Colonel Douglas Austin [Michael Evans] at the time. The Colonel as he was known by his friends and family frequented strip clubs, one in particular was his favourite, “The Bayou.”

One day Colonel Austin talked the, wealthy, affluent Victor Newman into going to “The Bayou” with him. The Colonel and Victor were sitting in the smoke filled room at “The Bayou,” the music started and the curtain pulled up, there was a beautiful blond bombshell in a silver sequinned tight dress with a red fluffy boa.  The girl came out shaking her hips and working the crowd, the announcer announced, Miss Nikki Reed and the crowd went wild!

Nikki was a crowd favorite at the club, men whistled, waved money and Nikki loved the attention. Victor was very impressed with her and he wanted to see her again. Victor and Nikki met outside the club and she was definitely intrigued by Victor, he made Nikki want to do better and live a more respectable life.

Victor ended up taking Nikki under his wing, he claimed he was not attracted to her but his actions were to the contrary. Nikki learned to dress and speak properly with the help of her good friend Katherine Chancellor [Jeanne Cooper]. Nikki was a very talented piano player and that was one of the things Victor loved so much, she always looked so sophisticated when she sat at the piano and played.

The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki's Love Story - How They Met

Victor was on again off again with other women but Nikki Reed was always on his mind. Victor was there for her when her past came to haunt her, he was her protector, friend and lover. Victor completed Nikki  and Nikki gave Victor things other women could not.   Nikki made Victor feel truly loved for who he was, not what he had.

The Young and the Restless: Victor and Nikki's Love Story - How They Met

Victor and Nikki have been married 4 times to each other and have two children together, Nicholas [Joshua Morrow] and Victoria [Amelia Heinle] and the rest they say is Soapland History.

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  1. Regan says

    I love these two. Y&R has been a guilty pleasure of mine for decades. I’ve recently gotten back into it about a year ago after a very long hiatus.

  2. Scott says

    My wife used to be all into this soap while in college. Didn’t realize it was still going!

  3. Jenn says

    I used to watch the Y&R years ago when I was a new SAHM. This was my favorite soap by far.

  4. Patty says

    I’ve never seen this soap. I used to watch the ABC ones many years ago. These two have a typical soap opera relationship it seems.

  5. Kathleen Kennedy-Leon says

    I used to watch this soap when I was a teenager–WOW that Victor is ageless I guess-kinda looks the same. Thanks for the update 🙂

  6. katrina g says

    Y&R is my MIL favorite story. I don’t watch but she talks about it so much i might as well lol.

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