‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers June 25: Jack Speaks To Phyllis, Gabriel Agrees to Frame Victor For Flack’s Fake Death, Avery Attacked!


“The Young and the Restless” spoilers for Thursday June 25, 2015 reveal that Jack is back in town.  Jack goes to his house and encounters Phyllis and Summer but he doesn’t get a chance to reveal that he is the real Jack.  Meanwhile, Gabriel confronts Flack about being an imposter and Flack finally admits the truth.  Flack threatens to reveal to everyone in Genoa City that Gabriel is Adam Newman unless Gabriel does something for him.

The Thursday June 25, 2015 episode of Y&R opens with Jack [Peter Bergman] is at home looking around and he looks at the pictures and he sees a photo of Flack [Peter Bergman] and he slams down. He hollers, “Is there anyone home?” No one answers.  Jack gets up all chocked up.


Lily [Cristal Khalil] and Cane [Daniel Goddard] are talking and he thanks her for forgiving him and taking home and he tells her he loves her and the kids. Cane says, “You seem distracted all night, is there something bothering you?” Lily says, “No there is nothing wrong.”


Avery [Jessica Collins] calls Joe [Scott Elrod] and says, “I want to see you right now.” Joe says, “I am not that stupid if I go see you, you are going to have me arrested.” Avery says, “No, No we can meet in the park.” Joe tells her that she can have him arrested in the park but she insists she won’t. He finally agrees. Avery says, “I am so sick of this we have to settle this before something happens.”

Gabriel [Justin Hartley] and Flack are talking he tells him again, “You are not Jack Abbott!” Flack says, “Yes I am. I lost some of my memory because of the accident and the injury to my head.” Gabriel says again, “Who the hell are you?” Finally Flack says, “Okay Jack is dead!”  Flack tells Gabriel that his name is Marco and he does not really want to know more about him.  Gabriel is surprised Flack got away with it.

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Back at Jack’s house Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] comes home Jack is looking at her oddly she says, “Jack what is wrong with you?” and Jack says, “I just want to look at you.”

Avery and Joe are in the park and Avery says, “I just want to tell you what scum you are. You slept with Lily, why did you do it?” Joe responds, “Cane and Lily were fighting and we were both consenting adults.” Avery accuses Joe of trying to destroy everyone’s relationship and then she asks him, “Why are you still in town you are a sick bastard! You just want me to sleep with you and I want you to stop!” Joe responds, “You are the one who cheated on me. Stop making me look like the bad guy. You are ruining my life!” Joe grabs Avery and she screams, “Stop you are hurting me.” She turns her back for a minute and when she turns back around Joe is gone.

Lily tells Cane she should never have looked at the computer images of him and Lauren [Tracy E. Bregman]. Lily apologizes to Cane. Cane asks Lily to go upstairs, she agrees and they head upstairs.

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Jack tells Phyllis I have something important to tell you. Summer [Hunter King] walks in and interrupts and says to Jack, “What are you doing here? You set up my grandfather and he told me not to come to your house because you would kill me.” Jack says, “I am not that man.”

Gabriel tells Flack he is going to tell everyone Flack is an imposter. Flack says, “If you tell anyone I am not Jack Abbott I will tell everyone you are Victor Newman’s son Adam.” Gabriel says, “I want to know where my friend Jack is?” Flack says, “I want you to help me do something or I am going to tell your whole family that you are Adam Newman.” Flack says, “I want you to help me fake my death.” Gabriel agrees. Then Flack says wait, “One more thing, I want you to frame Victor for my death!”

Jack gets a text message from Marisa [Sophia Pernas] and he has to leave.


Lily and Cane are in her room at The Athletic Club and he tells her how beautiful she is and he kisses her. They fall onto the bed he starts taking her clothes off and kissing and then she pushes him off and says, “STOP, I cannot do this!”

Phyllis tells Summer, “I don’t know what is going on. There were many times I wondered if my marriage to Flack was real, he was different when he held me. But today when he held me it was different it was just like my old Jack.” Summer says, “I know Mom sex can be great even if your husband is lying.” Phyllis says, “It is not just sex, but today was the closest to Jack I have felt in a long time.”

Jack tells Marisa he went home, cleaned up and saw his family. Jack tells Marisa that seeing Phyllis revitalized him. Marisa says, “I saw Flack downstairs he was with a man Gabriel Bingham.”

Flack threatens Gabriel again and then says but if you help me , “I am your genie who is going to give you three wishes. 1) I am going to hand you over Newman Jabot when I am dead. 2) The second wish I am going to give you Chelsea and the 3) You are finally going to be the person you always wanted to be. You have nothing to lose Adam are you in?” Gabriel says, “YES!”

Cane says to Lily, “I need to be honest with you. I did not cheat on you with Lauren.”

Jack says to Marisa, “I have to find out what Gabriel and Flack were talking about.” Marisa says, “Do you want vengeance on Marco [ Peter Bergman] ?” Jack says, “I know you love him but I want revenge. I need you to do something for me. I want you to go to Jabot and I will get you in. I want you to go on the computer and I want you to find out if any of my family is in on this with Marco. Then I want you to go into Ashley [Eileen Davidson] office and take pictures of everything in Ashley’s office and bring them to me.”

Gabriel says to Flack, “What are you up to now?” Flack says, “Don’t worry I have a plan.” Flack goes to his drawer and takes a bulletproof vest with fake blood on it. Gabriel asks him how he thinks he is going to get away with this. Flack says, “Victor has said he would not mind killing to protect his family. I have a meeting with him tonight.” Gabriel says, “You are moving too fast Victor won’t fall for this.”

Phyllis is thinking about her wedding.

Cane keeps asking Lily why she is so stressed looking. Cane says, “Is it Joe, did he come on to you at the bar, is he flirting with you?” Lily tells him Joe was not coming on to her Joe just listened while she told him about their troubles. Lily says, “But, I wish I had not told him anything.”

Avery is home, she hears something and she says, “Who is that, who is there? Hello!” and nobody answers her she turns her back, starts walking into the other room and a hand comes out and there is someone all dressed in black from head to toe and he grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth.

That is it “The Young and the Restless” fans!  Do you think Gabriel is going to help Flack fake his death?  Will Lilly tell Cane that she slept with Joe?  Is this the end for Avery?

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