‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin
The Young and the Restless spoilers for the episode airing on March 4 promise another exciting episode with non-stop action and drama.  On tomorrow’s The Young and The Restless episode we have the aftermath of a serious accident, a fatality, more scheming and someone remembers an important memory that will involve many Genoa City residents.

On the March 4, 2014 episode of The Young and the Restless we open with a flashback of the last couple of minutes of the previous episode.  Nikki [Melody Thomas Scott] and Neil [Kristoff  St. John] struggling in the car, Neil yelling he is not going to the AA meeting and grabbing the steering wheel of the car,  Nikki yells Neil STOP! All we see are bright lights , we had brakes squealing and Nikki screaming!  The car comes to a stop and Neil says, “What was that?” Nikki cries, “oh God, I think we hit something!” Neil says, “something or Someone!”

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin

Over with Paul [Doug Davidson] back at the station thinking over the argument he and Christine [Laura lee Bell] had earlier he decides to go find her after she left so abruptly. He puts on his jacket to find her, Paul feels guilty.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin

Nikki gets out of her car and walks up to the person lying on the ground she is screaming, “omg are you okay?” Neil gets out of the car stumbling, Nikki bends over and pulls the woman’s hair off her bloody face, it’s Christine!!

Victor [Eric Braeden] is at the church in the confessional he says, “I realize more than ever I need my family and my family needs me.” He continues says,  “but I will attend to that and that other matter. Our Kelly [Cady McClain] is very adamant about getting Jack [Peter Bergman] away from Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] we will proceed with that plan and Jack Abbott will never know what hit him”.  Victor steps out of the confessional and there is Jack , Victor says “I’ll be damned”!

Phyllis is at Austin’s [Mathew Atkinson] memorial, Summer [Hunter King] has not arrived, she is still whining about not being able to handle it etc. Nick [Joshua Morrow] who is a the memorial says he does not think anyone can help Summer right now.  Phyllis comments that Kyle [Lachaln Buchanan] is giving it his best shot.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin

Kevin [Gregg Rikaart] and Mariah [Camryn Grimes] are talking about Kyle, Kevin says everything Kyle said made sense about his blood and the trunk, but Kevin tells Mariah Kyle lied, it was Austin’s blood on that towel.

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin

Abby [Melissa Ordway] and Kyle are still talking, Abby asks him again did you kill Austin? Kyle says the guy was a jackass, we had a fight I told him I knew about you two sleeping together, he denied it. Abby is not please that Kyle was spying on them. Kyle says he told Austin, Summer was the best thing that ever happened to him and then he hit him. Just then, Noah texts him, that he needs to see him,  Kyle ignores the text.  Kyle goes on to tell Abby he got the Valentine invite and the next thing he knows he’s in a ditch. Abby calls Kyle a liar and tells him Noah saw him at the cabin on Valentine’s Day.

Courtney [Kelly Gross] walks up to Kevin and Mariah at the police station, Kevin tells her the blood on the towel was Austin’s.  Courtney asks Kevin if he is nuts, getting the blood analyzed at the station? Courtney, Kevin and Mariah start talking about theories of who did what.

Back at the car accident Nikki is trying to wake Christine up, she is hysterical calling her name, Neil calls 911. Christine’s eyes flicker, Nikki says, “she’s alive shes alive!!”  A lady comes over to help she says she is a nurse and she saw everything.

Nikki goes over to Neil, Neil tells Nikki he did not see Christine when he pulled the wheel. Nikki warns Neil not to say another word. Just then Paul comes out he sees Nikki and Neil, Nikki says, “omg Paul it was so horrible!” Paul sees Christine on the ground lifeless, Paul yells, “Chris Chris!”

Neil starts talking about what happened, Nikki interrupts him and says It was a horrible accident I was driving and it was as if she just appeared out of nowhere! Neil tries to stop her but Nikki is adamant about telling this story. She says, “Paul I am so sorry.” Paul goes to Christine and tells her he is right by her side. They hear sirens.

Th ambulence arrives they load Christine in. Nikki says to Paul, “if only I had more time, she came out of nowhere.” Paul glaring at Nikki tells the officer on the scene to book her for suspected DUI, NOW!

Neil yells NO NO NO!! Nikki says I wasn’t drinking, Paul replies, “what are you going to blow a 1.2 or 1.4 on the breathalyzer?” Paul yells in disgust at the officer to get her out of here! Neil tells Paul he is making a mistake. Paul tells Neil to shut-up! Nikki is sobbing as she is led away in cuffs. Neil is very upset .

Kyle and Abby are babbling about Noah seeing Kyle at the cabin, Kyle saying he is mistaken etc. Abby explains how she and Austin ended up having sex again.

Back at the memorial Nick tells Phyllis his last conversation with Austin was not a very good one. Phyllis says she was never happy about Summer marrying Austin. Avery walks in and tells Nick she has some information on the contractor who did the repairs on The Underground.  Apparently, he had a history of cutting corners and it won’t be hard to prove. Nick says he still feels responsible.

Meanwhile at Church Jack tells Victor Phyllis knows he is behind her and has every intention of vindicating her. Victor agrees. Victor makes a bet with Jack telling him he bets Jack’s list of sins is longer than his.  Victor always has to have the last word.  Victor walks away. Jack hears something in the confessional that Victor claimed was empty. Jack starts to turn the handle and his phone rings, it’s Phyllis she needs help at the Memorial Jack leaves without opening confessional.

Avery and Phyllis are chatting, Avery apologizes for what she and Jack did to her. Phyllis says she is fine and that Kelly is doing a really good job making her look guilty and crazy!  Summer arrives everyone hugs her, she is still whining that it will never be OK!

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin

Back at the police station Kevin and Mariah still going over theories of what happened to Austin. Finally, Kevin and Mariah leave for the memorial on the way out Kevin sees Nikki in cuffs he asks, “are you OK Ms. Newman?” Nikki looks stressed and mumbles something about an accident. Nikki tells Neil to wait for her.

Neil tells Kevin they are giving Nikki a breathalyzer, Kevin expresses surprise she is off the wagon, Neil tells him she wasn’t drinking. Neils also informs him Chrsitine was hit in the accident. Kevin is concerned and asks Neil if Christine and the baby are OKAY? Neil is shocked and asks, “Christine was pregnant?”

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin

Victor on his way out of the hospital, he sees Paul and asks “what are you doing here”? Paul says “Your wife is what Im doing here. Christine is in emergency surgery because of Nikki! No actually, it’s all your fault, how many times have you driven Nikki to to the breaking point? She has hit the bottle again and again because of you! She got drunk and plowed into my wife and unborn baby!” Victor is shocked . Paul says if anything happens to them its all on you!

Back at the memorial Summer still whining she wants Austin back bla bla bla, Phyllis comforts her. Summer gives Abby a photo of Austin to put up in the entrance.  As Abby is putting it up who walks in but Kyle and he makes a snarkey remark. Noah walks in and Abby leaves, Noah asks Kyle why he didn’t answer his texts? Noah wants to know when the last time Kyle was in town? Noah then tells Kyle how he saw him in the background of one of the videos Austin had made a while ago.

Back at the police station Nikki and Neil are talking, she says they will see she was not drinking, not texting and that it was an accident. Neil says if something happens to Christine or the baby he has to tell the truth. Nikki says no, who knows what they will do to you if they know you have been drinking.  Neil claims he doesn’t care he has lost everything already. Nikki says he has already lost his battle with the bottle she is not going to lose him in self pity. Neil tells her he is a grown man, he can take care of himself. Nikki says she is not going to let him go to prison!

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers March 4: Nikki Takes Blame For Accident, Christine Loses Baby, Summer Knows Abby Slept With Austin

Paul is still ragging on Victor and Paul finally says, “the only person that can help his wife is a surgeon and the only one that can help your wife is an Attorney!” Victor asks where Nikki is and Paul tells him at the station making a statement. Victor tells him he feels terrible. Paul tells him to go to hell!

The Doctor comes in to see Paul and tells him Christine is stable. Paul asks about the baby.

Victor sees Nikki at the Police station Nikki is happy to see him. Nikki tells him her story and how Christine came out of nowhere and how horrible it was. Victor grabs her face and asks if she was drinking?

Paul is with Christine she is still asleep, he says he is sorry, that he never lost faith in her and he is sorry she felt that way if he could do it all over again he would .

Kyle tells Noah he is not playing his game right now, Summer is going through hell and if he wants to pick a fight to go somewhere else. Kyle walks away.  Courtney and Kevin walk in, they see how mad Noah is, they tell him to calm down. Kevin tells Noah about the blood being Austin’s on the rag that was in Kyle’s trunk. Noah tells Kevin about Kyle being in town for a while, even though he has denied it.

The memorial has started, Nick is the first speaker as Nick is speaking Summer has a flashback to the cabin, she sees Austin arguing with someone. Mariah gets up to talk about Austin. Summer has another flashback she sees Austin fighting with Abby. Summer gets up to talk, Abby looks worried.

Back at the hospital Christine is waking up, Christine wants to know what happened, Paul tells her she had surgery. She says the car! Paul says, don’t worry about it, its being taking care of.  Christine asks about the baby, Paul says the baby didn’t make it, she starts sobbing.  Paul joins her sobbing.. so sad!

At the Police Station the police officer grilled Nikki and she is very shaken up and afraid of what Neil will say. Nikki tells Victor she was not drinking during the accident.  Victor is relieved and says, “if you are clean then you don’t have anything to worry about why are you afraid?”

Back at the memorial Summer is talking about how much she loved Austin and how he never had a lot of love in his life but when they met magic happened! She goes on to says how everyone got to know the real Austin and fell in love with him as she did.

WAIT, Summer is having another flashback she sees Abby and Austin talking. She hears Abby saying, “we cannot do this anymore, it is not fair to Summer or the family”.

Summer stops talking she starts walking toward Abby she says “YOU SLEPT WITH MY HUSBAND!” Everyone turns around looking at Abby.  Abby looks like a deer in the headlights.

That is it SOSers,  another fantabulous YR episode?  So much happened!  Did you see Summer remembering so soon what she heard at the cabin?  Do you think she can forgive Abby?  Can you imagine all the Summer whining we are going to hear going forward? Do you think Nikki is going to be prosecuted.  Do you think Nikki should have taken the rap for Neil?  Hit the comments and let us know what you thought of the episode?  If you want to discuss even more YR, don’t forget to head over to our Facebook discussion group where we discuss all the YR episodes, right here.

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