‘The Young and The Restless’ Spoilers: Jack and Victor Buried, Neil’s In Danger and Austin’s Body Is Missing

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers: Jack and Victor Buried, Neil's In Danger and Austin's Body Is Missing

The Young and the Restless spoilers for February 20 promise an episode that will keep all Y&R fans glued to their seats. After the string of tragedies that have befallen the hapless residents of Genoa City we learn that that their travails are far from over. There remains a failed rescue, frozen wilderness and a missing corpse confronting our heros.

The Abbott cabin is the center of mystery and deceit tomorrow!  The gang at the cabin have decided to cover up Austin’s murder.  Even though they have made the decision, there is a lot of bickering and accusations between everyone at the cabin, but one thing is certain Noah wants his sister Summer protected.  Courtney wants to make sure if they’re covering up the murder they need to make sure to do it right.

Meanwhile Kevin [Greg Rikarrt], Fen and Courtney [Kelli Gross] are all trying to figure out who had a motive for murdering Austin. Kevin asks Summer [Hunter King] if Austin was acting any different these days? Summer says they were as good as it gets!

While all the bickering is going on Mariah [Camryn Grimes] leans over to Abby [Melissa Ordway] and says I know who had a motive, you, “I know what you and Austin were up to I saw you kissing!!” Abby claims she was drugged, but Mariah was not buying it and said, “I have a feeling that wasn’t the first time you two were making out!”  Abby then tells Mariah if she blabs what she saw it will give Summer an even bigger motive for killing Austin, because she was jealous.  Mariah hits back and says, or maybe you have the biggest motive because Austin wouldn’t leave Summer.

The storm seems to be calming down and Courtney finally gets a phone signal, she says they all have to be on the same page with the lie if it’s going to work.  All of a sudden Fen [Max Ehrich] says he is going outside to bury the bookend (statue) that supposedly killed Austin. As fast as he went out, he runs in and says “Austin’s body is gone!!” 

Meanwhile back at the plane wreckage Hilary [Mishael Morgan] is unconscious and won’t wake up, she has lost alot of blood and is cold.  Devon [Bryton James] finally feels a week pulse, Devon  tells Hilary to hold on, he loves her. Neil [Kristoff St John] looks on worried. Devon decides he has to go and find help.  As Devon prepares to leave Lily [Christel Khalil] tells Devon don’t do anything stupid like die.  Meanwhile, Neil gets up and tells Cane [ Daniel Goddard] he should have come to him and told him about the affair between Devon and Hilary.  Cane  apologizes and..Neil cuts him off and says, “if you need to confess go see a priest I don’t believe a word out of your mouth.”

Michael [Christian Le Blanc] and Lauren [ Tracey Bregman] are waiting patiently for news on the missing plane that Jill [Jess Walton] was on. Michael is exhausted, Lauren tells him we need to call your Doctor. He says he just tried and that it’s nothing to worry about. Lauren asks if he’s been going to his appointments, he says he missed one radiation appointment. Lauren tears into him but soon apologizes because she is worried and afraid.

Michael reassures her about Jill he tells her Katherine [Jeanne Cooper] use to call Jill a tough broad, Lauren agrees she’s a survivor! Michael says all the people on the plane are survivors!

Back at The Underground ceiling disaster Jack is in bad shape he almost died earlier but Victor brought him back with CPR. Phyllis is by his side, Jack is telling her he loves her and that he is so sorry for not being better, that he has been wrong. Phyllis is crying and asks, “wrong, you don’t think Im crazy?”

Dylan [Steve Burton] and Nick [Joshua Morrow] are at The Underground they are digging their way through the debris, it’s very dangerous because the structure is ready to completely collapse but Nick and Dylan will not stop until they get their parents out!

Victor keeps quizzing Jack about what he meant by, “he had to tell him something about Adam’s [Justin Hartley] death?” Jack says it was nothing, but Victor insists that there was something about Adam’s death he wanted to tell him. Jack starts to say “Adam is….” and they hear the rescue workers, they are found!

Rescue worker yell in where they are buried and say they can take one person at a time. First  out is Phyllis and Nikki.  The two go back to Crimson Lights with Dylan and Nick who were sent back because the structure was becoming too unstable.

Jack and Victor are still buried and the emergency works are waiting for them to come out.  But Jack and Victor are arguing about who goes first with the rescue team.  All of a sudden there is another collapse and the two are buried again.

Nick arrives at Crimson Lights, Nick sees Sharon [Sharon Case] and Faith there, he notices Sharon’s forehead with a wound he wants to know what happened! Sharon tells him the truth, she skidded off the road into an embankment. She asks Nick if he is going to use this to take Faith away from her? Nick is peeved and starts tearing into her. Dylan steps in and defends Sharon he tells Nick Sharon did exactly what she should have, she left the car and took Faith to shelter.  Dylan also tells Nick Sharon was one of many people who skidded off the road in the storm.  Nick asked Sharon if she really thought he would use the accident against her? Nick apologized and said he was just tired and concerned about his mom and dad.

Meanwhile on the Avery front, she is not thrilled that Dylan was with Sharon nor is she thrilled that he jumped to Sharon’s defence. He told Avery he would do it again after what she has been through with Nick and the custody fight!

Dylan’s phone rang it is Paul [Doug Davidson] who tells him that there was another ceiling collapse at The Underground and that Victor [Eric Braeden] and Jack [ Peter Bergman] were still buried inside!!

Back at the plane crash Devon tells Neil he will spend the rest of his life making the affair up to him. He tells Hilary he loves her and he has to go, she whispers “promise you’re coming back” he kisses her and tells her he loves her. Devon goes to get the map that Colin found but it is gone and so is Neil!!

What do you think SOSers, do you think Jack and Victor will get out before the building finally collapses? Will Neil get help or will he die trying to find help? Will Hilary survive the crash?  Will Jack tell Victor about Adam?  Join in the discussion in the Soap Opera comments below.

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