‘The Young and The Restless’ Spoilers Feb. 27: Billy Investigates Gabriel, Kyle Lies, Lily Threatens Hilary

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers Feb. 27: Billy Investigates Gabriel, Kyle Lies, Lily Threatens Hilary, Austin Dead?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers for Feb. 27 promise a revealing episode that goes a long way towards solving some outstanding mysteries on the CBS soap. We learn more about Austin and Kyle and it’s nothing nice – we also see that Hilary may face some dire consequences for her actions – and of course the net is closing in on Adam from several directions!

Today’s episode opens with Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan] and Billy [Burgess Jenkins]. Chelsea is glad Billy is following Doctor’s orders and resting. Billy is reading a biography, he is researching Gabriel Bingham and Chelsea cannot believe it. Billy found something interesting about Gabriel.

Gabriel/Adam [Justin Hartley] is with Sage [Kelly Sullivan] and he is upset because there is A no rooms in the town for them to stay. Remember their condo went on fire. The Bingham residence is being renovated too so they cannot stay there. Gabriel/Adam says he wants to sleep in the car, Sage is not having it she wants to go to Chicago, but Gabriel/Sage is not interested.

Back with the Scooby Doo gang Kyle [Blake Hood] wants to know what happen to Austin [Matthew Atkinson] he also wants to know why the gang went into his car. A policeman walks in and tells Summer alone. Summer [Hunter Haley King] leaves with the officer. Meanwhile Kyle is not buying that the gang is not covering up something.

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers Feb. 27: Billy Investigates Gabriel, Kyle Lies, Lily Threatens Hilary, Austin Dead?

Cane [Daniel Goddard] is preparing things at the Athletic Club for the people who are without their homes. Lily [Christel Khalil] calls Cane and says she hoped he would have come home. Cane tells her she kicked him out and wants to know if she changed her mind.  Lily does not answer and Cane says, that is what I thought.

Over with Hilary [Mishael Morgan] she is still talking to Neil [Kristoff St. John], “I could never love you and I certainly never loved Devon. It was only an act to pay you back for letting my Mother die. Devon was just collateral damage.” Devon WALKS in and says, “I cannot let this go on. you are lying.” Hilary, “For the first time in a long time I can tell the truth. There was nothing fun about losing the person you love. I decided that I needed to get close to you Neil,, ingratiate myself, get you to love me.” Neil does not believe it. Hilary laughs, “You saw what you wanted to see, you gave me the power to destroy me. Do I have to remind you of the time I drugged Cane and took all those pics of him in bed. Do you think it was hard to jump into Devon’s bed.  That look on your face Neil made every nauseating minute with you too worth it.”

Devon [Bryton James], “What the hell are you doing? Don’t you think you should have waited for me before you did this. I know you are doing this so I can get back with my Dad and my family.”

Back at the Athletic Club, Gabriel/Adam confronts Cane and ask him if he should believe there is no room at the Club. Gabe/Adam says you know who I am, you know I can afford this. Cane says I don’t know you.  Sage is worried that Gabriel/Adam is getting to reckless

Billy shows Chelsea pictures of Gabriel Bingham and comments on how he is always smiling in all the photos he has found. But the Gabriel they know never smiles, always scouls like there is a cloud over his head. Chelsea does not know what the big deal is, Gabriel/Adam has changed. Billy does not understand why he spent his lifetime in the headlines and now he stays out of the headlines for the past year.

Kyle says to the Scooby Doo gang, “Let me get this straight, you thought someone killed Austin so you staged his death as an accident?” Summer walks back in and she looks devastated. She says, “They found him, real this time, she is crying.” Noah [Robert Adamson] hugs her.

Noah tells Summer how sorry he is. Summer says it was not like she was not expecting it. Kevin asks if the police were satisfied with their story. Summer tells them they did not find Austin in the snow, they found his body behind the wheel of a red car about a mile from the cabin. The officer told Summer there was an accident. Kevin [Greg Rikaart] says, “that is not possible.”

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers Feb. 27: Billy Investigates Gabriel, Kyle Lies, Lily Threatens Hilary, Austin Dead?

Chelsea does not understand why Billy would be so suspicious of someone who did such a heroic thing as save them. Billy says that is why he is suspicious, he says Gabriel/Adam seems so familiar to him and then there was the thing he said, “I did not come back here just to die like this.” Then he added, “Now we are even”

Gabriel/Adam shows up at Jack’s house where Chelsea and Billy are staying. Billy tells Gabriel/Adam they were just talking about his real identity. Billy says, “Admit it Gabriel you are Johnny Storm that is how you pulled me out of that fire, right.”  Gabriel/Adam is dropping a flash drive off for Jack. Gabriel/Adam tells them he and Sage are heading to Chicago to work. Billy invites them to stay with him and Chelsea. Chelsea looks confused.

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers Feb. 27: Billy Investigates Gabriel, Kyle Lies, Lily Threatens Hilary, Austin Dead?

Over with Hilary and Devon he wants to figure things out but Hilary tells him she wants him to go and not to come back ever.

Billy tells Gabriel/Adam that it is not an imposition and he wants him to stay. Gabriel/Adam goes to get Sage. Chelsea asks Billy what he is doing. Chelsea thinks he wants to spy on Gabriel/Sage.

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers Feb. 27: Billy Investigates Gabriel, Kyle Lies, Lily Threatens Hilary, Austin Dead?

Neil is at Lily’s house. Neil tells Lily she could have died. Lily apologizes for what Devon and Hilary and Cane did. Neil tells her she has no idea, it has all gone downhill. Neil tells Lily it was all a lie, every I love you, the marriage was a fraud and the affair with Devon was Lily’s final act to destroy the family. Lily says, “OMG”

Devon tells Hilary he does not believe it. Hilary tells Devon he is clueless. Hilary says, “A man who would cheat with his father’s wife, I did not love you, you are so pathetic. You would be so surprised to know anger and hate are so close to love.”

Back with the Scooby Doo again, Abby says, “what if Austin woke up and went to an abandoned car and tried to drive off?” Kyle says, “then lost control and crashed?” Abby responds, “its possible!” Kevin responds, “Except one minor detail, when we found him in that closet he did not have a pulse.” Noah says, “So how did he wind up behind the wheel of a car?” Mariah says, “Maybe someone dragged him there and staged it to make it look like and accident.” Abby, “WHY?”  Kevin, “To cover up for us.” Noah, “What are you saying we have a guardian angel?” Abby, “Who would do that?” Kevin, “Mariah, Fen and Courtney are the only two not here.” Noah, “Courtney would not tamper with the already tampered evidence.” Kevin, “Fen was with us he would not have had time.” Summer tells them to stop she cannot take more of it., please.

The police come in and tells Summer her husband has been delivered to the morgue. She needs to ID the body.

Cane comes home but Lily is out. Neil is arguing with Cane over him not telling him about the affair. Neil then tells Cane, now is the time to cheer up because Cane was a victim just like Neil was and Devon.

Hilary still going on tells Devon, “I was always trying to push you away because it always made you want me more. You kept coming back time and time again, you are predictable.. I almost laughed when you gave me the eternity ring, what are you 14?” Devon, is shocked. Then Hilary tells him, “The best revenge is Neil finding us in bed together. Come on, why do you think I wanted him to get his eyesight back? Now that it is, my work here is done.” Devon, “It could not have been a job.” Hilary, “Go on, run along before I call security.” Hilary tells him to wait, throws his ring at him, and says, “one last reminder and laughs” Devon is devastated.

Gabriel/Adam and Sage are at Jack’s house and Sage is not pleased. Sage says they want to get out of their hair ASAP.

Lily is in Hilary’s room. She says, “Wake up Bitch!” If you were not already in a hospital bed I would put you in one. Hilary, “I am out of your life.” Lily, “I wish I would have figured it out myself” Hilary, “how could you figure it out when all you think of is yourself.” Lily, “I hope you are happy with yourself.” Hilary, “I am, I got my revenge.” Lily, “Take your slutty self and get yourself out of Genoa City.” Hilary, “What if I don’t?” Lily putting her face close to Hilary’s in a threatening voice, “I can be a buzz saw too!”

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers Feb. 27: Billy Investigates Gabriel, Kyle Lies, Lily Threatens Hilary, Austin Dead?

Summer is crying in the chapel. Kyle goes to check on Summer. Kevin, thinks about telling Austin’s family. Kevin remarks there has to be someone in his life besides Summer. Abby starts to have a FLASHBACK at Abbot Cabin and Austin telling her he comes to the Cabin to get away from Summer Summer tries to buy him off and is talking to Abby and drinking. They are both laughing and drinking and he comments, “He has to get back Barbie might want to dress Ken up again.” Abby says to give Summer a break and then he leans over and kisses her. Mariah walks over to Abby and says, “It was not a fling with Austin, you actually loved the guy.”

Over with Sage, Gabriel/Adam, Billy and Chelsea at Jack’s house. Billy tells Gabriel/Adam that Jack is a big fan of his. Sage is nervous. Chelsea says she sure it is hard to be uprooted and that Gabriel/Adam really cares about Sage. Chelsea keeps going on and Sage says, “CHELSEA HE CARES ABOUT YOU!”

Cane asks Neil if he believes it was an act. Neil says it is obvious it was Hilary’s way to get revenge. Cane does not believe Hilary was lying about Devon. Cane is positive that Hilary loved Devon. Cane thinks Hilary is trying to give everyone a chance to be happy. Neil says if Hilary thinks he is forgiving his son she dumped him for NOTHING.

Devon is at the bar.. devastated

Hilary is in the hospital looking sad and having a flashback to when Devon gave her the ring and them making vows. And crying… YES WE KNEW SHE WAS LYING.

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers Feb. 27: Billy Investigates Gabriel, Kyle Lies, Lily Threatens Hilary, Austin Dead?

Noah asks the gang where Kyle is. Abby says he went to see Summer. Mariah says she does not trust him and she does not trust Abby, They leave. Noah tells Kevin Abby may not know Kyle as well as she thinks she does. Kevin asks what he means and Noah says he spied on my grandfather and the blood towel excuse did not make sense. They both believe it is sketchy. Noah tells Kevin to analyze the blood on the towel and they have to be discreet.  Kevin agrees to do it.

Kyle comes into the Chapel where Summer is. Summer has ID the body and confirmed it was Austin. Summer says that they had not even cleared the blood from his head. Kyle says he wished he had been there sooner. Then Kyle the snake has a FLASHBACK of looking in the window of the cabin and seeing everyone passed out. YIKES HE WAS THERE!

Chelsea asks Sage what she meant that Gabriel cares about her. Sage covers and says he cares about Chelsea and the dog and the mailman.  Billy and Gabriel/Adam come back and they make a toast to life and how happy they are to be living it. Gabriel/Adam say I will drink to that, Sage says to our host and Billy says to our hostess and Chelsea looks strangely at Adam.

That is it SOSers another great episode!  What do you think Kyle is hiding? Do you think Austin is really dead?  Do you think Hilary did the right thing?  What happened to Austin do you have any theories? Please share your thoughts in the Soap Opera Spy comments below

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