‘The Young And The Restless’ Speculation: How Many More Crimes Can Be Committed To Avenge Delia’s Death?

'The Young And The Restless' Speculation: How Many More Crimes Can Be Committed To Avenge Delia's Death?

“The Young and the Restless” fans mourned with Billy Abbott [Burgess Jenkins] when he lost his little girl Delia [Sophie Pollono] two years ago. We all felt with him, cried with him, and wondered how he’d ever move on. Then, he and Chloe [Elizabeth Hendrickson] committed a series of crimes against the Newman’s all in the name of justice for Delia. How many times can we excuse his terrible behavior, all in the name of justice for his angel?

Right after Billy figured out that Adam Newman [Justin Hartley] was at fault for Delia’s accident, Billy kidnapped Adam and holds him at gunpoint. Billy threatened to kill Adam, because he didn’t deserve to live after ‘taking’ Delia from him. Billy ends up shooting Adam [accidentally he claimed] and left him for dead. Billy lies to the police and assumed no responsibility for Adam’s death, which was ironic because the one thing he keeps stating about Adam is his lack of taking responsibility for his actions. Pot meet Kettle, Billy boy.

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When Adam returned after being presumed dead, Billy beat him up and threatened AGAIN to hurt him more. He unleashed the Paragon virus in an attempt to frame Adam for the crime, in an attempt to turn the Newman’s against Adam. It almost worked too, until Chelsea [Melissa Claire Egan] told Victor [Eric Braeden] to help his son, Adam. Billy brings Phyllis [Gina Tognoni] in the Paragon mess to bring down Newman Enterprises, even though it is both Phyllis and Billy’s children’s legacy. Clearly, they didn’t think that out very well.

Now Chloe, she has also done her share of vigilante acts against the Newman’s as well. After Delia died, Chloe kidnapped Connor in an attempt to be closer to her since she had her corneas. Chloe sabotages Chelsea’s fundraiser, making it a complete disaster. She disappears for almost two years, and returns with the plan to kill Adam; she tried to convince Billy to help her. Chloe tried to run over Adam before he was transported to prison, and showed zero remorse for wanting him dead.

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The one fact that Billy hasn’t accepted yet is that Delia would be alive if he wouldn’t have left a seven-year-old girl in the car alone. The whole chain events were set in motion by his lazy parenting, and the truth is, she died because he made a bad parenting choice. The truth of the matter is, the latest vendetta against the Newman’s isn’t about Adam anymore- it’s all about Victor now. Will Billy ever let the revenge go against Adam and the Newmans? Hasn’t Adam, Chelsea and Connor paid enough for an accident that Adam feels terrible about?

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