‘The Young and the Restless’ RUMORS: Y&R Sharon Case Has Miscarriage and Steals Sage’s Baby

'The Young and the Restless' RUMORS: Y&R Sharon Case Has Miscarriage and Steals Sage's Baby

Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) fans should brace themselves for another tragedy coming her way, according to She Knows Soaps message board on Aug. 13. The writers have over-sold the fact that Sharon is completely happy with her life right now. Fans are panicking that the writers are setting her up for a huge letdown. The biggest clue was when Sharon bragged how happy she was to her biggest enemy, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni). Fans immediately picked up on the subtle suggestion that Sharon’s life is about to change. The “Y&R” fans are bracing themselves for her to go through another traumatic event. If the rumors are right, Dylan will not be able to save Sharon this time.

Sharon was excited about becoming a mother again. She seemed genuinely happy with Dylan (Steve Burton) and was ecstatic about sharing a child together. She will likely miscarry only to be driven to the brink of insanity that Sage has a child with ex-husband, Nick (Joshua Morrow).

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It was rumored for some time that Sharon will kidnap Sage’s (Kelly Sullivan) child. She will be distraught after losing her child (according to the rumor) that she isn’t thinking clearly. She will think this baby will replace hers, without realizing she stole a child from another mother. It will cause her sink further into despair when she remembers how she felt when Faith was taken from her.

Sharon has had moments in the past few weeks that you could see that she was losing her grip on reality. She had to stop her bipolar medication when she became pregnant, as they are not safe for the baby. There’s no doubt that she doesn’t care very deeply for Dylan; however, she has a special place in her heart for Nick. At times, it seems like she hasn’t given up hope that they will be together one day.

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“Young and the Restless” fans are hoping these rumors are not true. They are hoping that at least for a little while, the writers will give Sharon a happily ever after. Do you think Sharon will lose her baby? Do you think she is capable of kidnapping Sage’s baby? Will Sharon and Nick ever get back together?

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  1. Lisa says

    C’mon can’t Sharon catch a break! Wish the writers wouldn’t do that.

    1. Geraldine King says

      The writers seem to only give doom and gloom to all the characters on the show. Soon as everything is fine and they are happy,bang all hell breaks lose.

  2. Janie says

    I hope this rumor is false, would be so cruel to do to Sage & Nick…

  3. Robin Moyer says


  4. Coleta says

    I think Sharon and Dylan can live happily ever after with some challenges like every other marriage let her be happy for once Victor needs to have what’s coming to him let the Scooby Doo game solve the crime let them pay for Kevin to become a detective and work with Dylan let Jack take down the drug lord

  5. janet says

    Oh, come on…..this is ridiculous! How about Sage loosing the baby?

    1. Melissa Dove says

      I agree, let it be Sage, aka Bitter Spice(my personal nickname for her) be the one to lose a baby, or just let both women have their babies happy and healthy, And please for the love of god, let Sage’s baby be Nick’s. Chelsea should have Adam’s baby!!

  6. susan says

    once just once, I’d love something original…like both babies live both babies are given to their real parents…..you know the drill….

    boring…boring…..I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this on a soap……..and not just yr……all of them


  7. susan says

    Oh, come on…..this is ridiculous! How about Sage loosing the baby?

    or how about neither of them loosing the baby…..come on people this story has been done to death…I think that pratt did it on amc like three times……

  8. cindy says

    I thought that too…its funny how they found out around the same time and only Page is showing a baby bump!

    1. B&B&Y&Rfromday1 says

      I assumed that Sharon hasn’t been pregnant this whole time. She paid off the sonogram tech. She’s just nuts. WHY is she putting together a baby room when she’s only about 3 mos pregnant? WHY is Sage so large at 3 mos?? Stupid writing. Sage is pregnant with Adam’s baby, obviously (she cried at the bar when she read the result). She & Nick are lying/hiding that it’s not Nick’s. It’ll show up when the baby has an issue with his eyes. Predictable!

  9. ceecee says

    I agree with everyone..let Sharon the crazy just be happy for once ( although Dullen hasn’t gotten any more imteresting). Sage is obviously unbalanced in some way. The thing i found crazy was Sharon putting up the crib without even a hint of baby bump…that crib said it for me…the writers say no baby for Sharon 🙁

  10. susan says

    I wish they would let both women have their babies n get on with their lives !!! I adore sharon n i think she deserves a happy life with her children n dylan !!! Plz writers let it b !!!

  11. Delilah poindexter says

    Well I must of missed something. I thought she could still take some sort of medicine. I also saw her pouring all her medicine in the trash. You know it will be some kind of drama since babies being born to both of them.

  12. minniepearl says

    i have tuned in and out of YR for many reason but above all else is the writing of sharon i literally cant stand what they did and continue to do with this character its so far from entertaining and it needs to stop asap.

  13. Kathy says

    They need to leave Sharon be happy for a change. Miscarry on the baby will drive her over the edge, I think Sage should miscarry, Sharon has been through HELL ever since Adam came into her life… Leave her alone & pick on someone else!!!

  14. Debbie says

    This would not be fair to Dylan. This is happened to him before, can we please let the man be happy and let Sharon be happy for a change! I can’t take too much more of stupid storylines, this would be the end of my Y and R days

  15. Sherry Crenshaw says

    I hope this isn’t true Sharon is my favorite character, give her a break. I’m so tired of her being the person to always put the blame on. Just like they framed her for the murders, let have a happily ever after once. Please!!!

  16. Marie Owens says

    IF they do this to Sharon again, I promise I will quit watching!!!!! It’s getting ridiculous. They NEVER let her just be happy! Now I know they ( whoever they are) and some others too for matter don’t really care. But if they keep disregarding the fans thoughts and preferences, their going to loose viewers!!! Whoever this writer is needs to stick his head in the toilet and see if he can come up with some better writing!! Oh yeah, these did come from the toilet! Just saying ……..

  17. maryann says

    Cmon Y&R! Give Sharon a break! Let her be happy and dont take another baby from Dylan. Let Sage have her baby and be happy. Just want to see some happy with them. Focus on not letting Victor get away with all that he’s done and put Marco away!

  18. Mellbell56 says

    This would be Dylan’s child also and he so desperately wants a child. I think they could be a super couple on Y&R if let be. Let Sage be the one to miscarry if you must go down that road. Using Sharon as fill in for story lines is getting old and in fact disrespecting the actress. I know it’s juicy for the actor to play but, to watch you use her time and again is getting old. I have stopped watching soaps for story lines that are just cruel and make no sense….this would be one of them.

  19. sonni mclaren says

    Oh My!!! The writers are drawing short straws here. I have been an avid faithful fan since the 70’s and hope to continue for many years to come (only 73yrs old) But the writers have recently been driving me to a point between insanity and alzhiemers! The next thing you know the baby wont miscarry at all and wont we be in a state of shock when the baby comes out crying in spanish and looking like our dear friend Marco!!! Come on writers give us a break lets have some happiness in the big city of Genoa. Lets have some healthy babies, happy parents and wait and see what Victor and nicky think about the whole mess in the end! Thanks a very very devout fan.

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