‘The Young and the Restless’ Rumors: Joe Clark Trying To Take Victor Down – The Mastermind Behind The Paragon Project?

'The Young and the Restless' Rumors: Joe Clark Trying To Take Victor Down – The Mastermind Behind The Paragon Project?

When newcomer Joe Clark (Scott Elrod) first arrived in Genoa City, the writers said he’d bring the drama with a possible connection to someone besides Avery Clark. They hinted that he could be related to Matt Clark, although nothing was ever mentioned on the show. Instead, they made Joe the business partner of Victor (Eric Braeden) that tried to take down the business district, including Crimson Lights in town. They made it personal for him, as a way to get back at Dylan (Steve Burton) for cheating with his ex-wife, Avery Clark (Jessica Collins). What if Joe is the one that is heading the Paragon Project?

Joe Clark has no roots in Genoa City now that Avery left town to find herself. He is not tied to any business dealings with Victor anymore, either. What if, he is the one that is funding the Paragon project, and he wants to take Victor down. Now, there has not been any ‘bad blood’ between Joe and Victor per say, but you never know what Joe’s true feelings could be towards Victor. Mr. Newman has enemies all over the world.

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Joe proved with the business district deal, he wasn’t afraid to go against the town in order to make money. He proved that his real motivation was to make money. Without Avery in town, “Y&R” better get him a good storyline fast, or he will be running out of town to look for Avery.
The Paragon project seems like the perfect fit for him.

Right now, it looks like the show is going to reveal that Marco or Colin is the ones responsible for the Paragon project. What if, it isn’t that simple? They could easily make Joe the one responsible and give Victor a reason to come after him. It would be nice to see a little drama not related to cheating, paternity mix-ups or mental illness craziness.

Joe has the business shrewd to pull off the Paragon project. He also has the confidence to go toe-to-toe with Victor and possibly come out ahead. Fans, would you like to see Joe as the one behind the Paragon project? Do you think he could pull off a win against Victor, or is Victor always going to win- no matter what? And, could Joe and Colin be in cahoots working on the project? Tell us what you think about the speculation that Joe Clark is behind the mysterious Paragon project?

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