‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Poll: Billy Convinced Adam Killed Delia – But Who Is The Real Killer – VOTE!

'The Young and the Restless' (Y&R) Poll: Billy Convinced Adam Killed Delia - But Who Is The Real Killer - VOTE!“Young and the Restless” promised a huge fall out as a result of Gabriel Bingham’s true identity being revealed as Adam Newman (Justin Hartley). For once, the fall out exactly what fans were hoping- and more. Adam is facing incredible odds; and right now, it looks like there may be no way out. Justin Hartley revealed that if Adam finds a tiny bit of a loophole, he can use it to get out of this terrible mess. So “Y&R” fans, do you think Adam can climb out of the hole he found himself in?

Billy (Burgess Jenkins) is determined to make Adam pay for ‘killing’ his precious daughter, Delia. For some reason, he believed that Adam ran her down in cold blood and basically MURDERED her. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. In reality, Adam felt and still feels an incredible amount of guilt over the incident. Delia death could have been avoided- if only Billy would have been a better parent.

Under no circumstances should Billy have left Delia in the car alone, in the dark- to get ice cream. Come on now; all parents know that you don’t leave your kids in the car, even for just a second. If you do, you are GUILTY of neglect- making Billy the ultimate one at fault for her death. That is the sole reason Billy is so torn up about her passing. He feels responsible for her death- and he would be 100% correct. If he would have taken her inside the store with him, she would still be alive today.

Adam may not have been the person who hit her; that fact is debatable right now. The crimes he is guilty of is obstruction of justice and destroying evidence. He should have gone to the police right away, but one can understand why he hesitated in doing that. Adam has been vilified for so many years that it would be impossible for anyone to not suspect he was a cold-blooded child, murderer.

Now that Billy knows that Adam is alive- it will only lead to one scenario; Billy will kidnap him once again and try to finish the job, only this time making sure he is dead. Adam should be scared of the anger that Billy feels towards him. Billy tells Victoria (Amelia Heinle) he wants the world in which that Adam Newman is no longer alive. Does that mean he plans to kill him? Who was really at fault for Delia’s death?

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  1. georgia velasquez says

    I believe Adam did not kill Delia somebody else did than need to let adam and Chelsea and there baby have happiness and find the right killer and let Adam live its a tear jerker for these two and what true love is

    1. Mary says

      Adam accidentally run her over if she had of stayed in the car she would of still be around .

  2. Susan Miller says

    I think Adam should b set free from the hospital to go home to his family instead of prison where he doesn’t belong bcuz he did NOT kill Delia !

  3. Linda says

    Gabriel did. Not Adam. Plus, I don’t understand why you don’t make Nikki as the monarch of the show now since Jathern (died). That sounds logically to me. There is not a goto person now. (Dylan) maybe. Don’t make her a drunk. Plus why do you make Sharon like she is. I like her and I this she is a good actress. Make her a good person . Plus I like Stich. Why do you want to right him out????.

  4. armaity fp says

    Adam is not that types of person thinks it could be billy or chole or she had took he out of town what u do thinks about that or top of all. could it be jack victor Abby Ben and all the suspect line up

  5. Marc says

    I honestly believe Delia is alive. Chloe was acting very suspect before her departure. Maybe she faked her daughter’s death so she could raise her without the past of Genoa City. Ijs

    1. angela says

      Delia is dead. Chloe has another baby. When she came back the first time she was VERY pregnant. I think it’s Kevin’s baby but no one knows that Chloe has another child somewhere.

    2. kim says

      Delia is dead. Chloe had another baby. Chloe tried to get Billy to impregnate her before she left town. Billy refused, so she took his sperm from the lab. If you recall, Billy and Victoria were going through fertility treatments when they were married. Chloe’s baby is Billy’s, not Kevin’s. However, kevin will believe he is the father, and later, Billy will rip the child from him when he discovers he is the REAL daddy. Another predictable story the writers will drag out.

      1. Kimberly says

        everything that you posted I agree with 100%. I don’t think Adam killed Delia and yes Y&R has milked this story line sooooo dry. This story line is so dead it stinks. Yes they do need to bring back the old Billy and the old Phyllis because I liked their acting way better than the new actors playing those characters. Also I am sick of Billy’s character being portrayed as this grown man with a teenager mentality. He is a grown kid. Y&R need to get it together because the way they keep writing these story lines will end up them losing more viewers than keeping the ones they have and or gaining new viewers.

  6. Tammy says

    Why can’t they just get on with announcing who really killed Delia? It was probably Kelly Andrews. The light that Adam fixed on his car was in the BACK not front which is where he would have had to hit Delia and her scarf got caught in his wheel well when he drove over it. Enough already – this has been going on for a year now! I think they have milked this story line dry!!! And PLEASE PLEASE get Billy Miller back as Billy Abbott and Michell Stafford as Phyllis! The new ones are so painful to watch!!! 😩😩😩

    1. Linda says

      I’m with you on the Billy & Phyliss change!
      These 2 belong on B&B. And while we’re talking about changes,bring back the old Abby.

    2. Monica says

      Amen, Tammy. The new Billy makes me itch. And this new Phyllis makes me want to inject her lips with collagen. Please bring back Miller and Stafford NOW!!!

  7. Gloria says

    I can’t get use to the new “Billy.” He just doesn’t look like the character. Phyllis is fine but Billy should be recast.

  8. beverly firrello says

    Adam is Gabrielle…duh…someone hit her and he came by and saw somethi g and stopped and it was the dog,, so he drove off…..didn’t see Dehlia….. get Ian Ward off the show,,,,!,,,, get Devon back together….give Ashley a more imp. roll again…Been watching since beginning. Lots and lots of changes …this is most interesting charators….

    1. Phyllis says

      Adam and Gabriel is the same person, who didn’t know that by now, duh, and I really loved the old Billy but I like the new Phyllis a lot, she grew on me. I wish the story lines weren’t so long and dragged out, it gets to be aggravating and make u not want to watch.

      1. Phyllis says

        I love Adam, Victor, Jack and Cain and I hope Cain does not die and they find out soon who is setting him up.

  9. kim says

    Adam did not kill Deilia why did it show Nicki that night out driving i think it was Nicki wouldn’t he of felt himself hit someone enough is enough i think end this story with the right killer and the Hillary story oh my endstory

  10. Angie Riddell says

    Nikki was driving that night- I think it will end up being her that accidentally killed Delia. Sorry to hear Burgess has been let go- but, as fine an actor that he is, the role of Billy Abbott did not suit him or his talents. The new Billy Miller actor needs to be dynamic and have more rapport with the characters be interacts with… I’m wondering if this fire situation coming up is Ian, or is it whoever is setting Kane up? Waiting for next week!

  11. Betty says

    I believe that there is a tape missing with the truth about who kill Delia.
    I aso think that Joe is setting up Kane for revence

    I hope that Niki driving that same night is not responsible for Delia death.

  12. Sherry says

    I’m sooooo tired of the show dragging EVERYthing out. I have stopped watching several times in the last 2 years. I have been there since day one….. These writers suck they have very little imagination or things would move faster…….yes I’m glad there is another Billy loving the new Phyllis…….but it’s a fact I’m very board and so are my friends and family who have been as me — very loyal fans we are all thinking about not watching

  13. Brenda says

    I think. Niki. Killed Delia she was shown driving behind Adam. On the road where. Delia was hit. She also. WAs drinking. Back then

    1. Teri says

      Keep this Billy, he’s good! If not him then the one hecreplaced(Billy Miller?). Keep stitch!!

  14. Mats says

    Indeed stich is the only doctor around why do you want him out I still need him

  15. Mary says

    She should of stayed in the car like she was asked to

  16. Joyce says

    I don’t think Adam killed Delia. She should have stayed in the car like she was told or Billy should have taken her in the sore with him. Adam should have a chance to be a Newman. Hope did not let him go to live with his father, he is more like Victor than anybody. He is mainly concerned with his family. Just like Victor.

    1. shirley says

      Please let Adam and Chelsea have a normal and happy life, sick ofaa others

  17. cheryl says

    I hope adam and chelsea finally become a family i was so glad adam didnt die i hope they leave him alone let him and victor get close.

  18. Virginia says

    The story line is boring. I’m sick of Lily. Take Neil off the show. Devon is a spoil brat. Replace Billy with someone I can’t take this guy any longer. Kill Ian and patty for good. Leave Cain on the show. Give him a great love interest because Lily has lost it.

  19. Eileen says

    Finally someone feels the same as I do. Time to move on get new writers. Neil needs to go. Hilary get back . everyone gets away with everything that no one would be able to do, like getting meds for Hilary. Whenever there is a gala something tragic happens. Its getting boring Chloe has Billy’s baby remember she went to sperm bank. Now nicks baby is gone.ok what are we doing giving it to poor Sharon who never even showed. Ok there a give me. Please please please. New story lines

  20. Debra says

    I’ve been a fan from the begining. I can remember when John ( from B & B ) played Lance and Jamie Lynn Bauer played Laurie Brooks. Victor was not on board yet. Yes
    I have a life. Yes the storylines get a little boring…but I love this show!! I do think Nikki hit Delia. Go Y & R!!

    1. Kimberly says

      You are so right. That story line is used too much. The writers need to get over that using characters to steal babies is old as dirt and not interesting any more. Sharon’s story line is no longer relevant and they need to let her go if anybody and bring Avery back so her and Dylan can get back together.

  21. Babs says

    I am hoping the Young and the Restless storylines improve. The baby stealing from Sage to Sharon is used to much

  22. Annette Hazelton says

    Dylan is a very good actor, why do you want to pretend he is having another baby, to be taken from him again. Remember Chelsea pretended he had a baby with her. He married Chelsea then found out the baby was not his. Now Dylan is headed for another disappointment. Pear him with a nice new character just for him. Sharon was great for his friend only. Dylan and Sharon are not compatible as a couple. He was good with Avery.

  23. Anne says

    I totally agree. MOVE ON with the storyline, it’s boring & a me thing everyday. It’s dragging on & I am also ready 2 quit watching bcuz it is so boring!! Get ON WITH STORYLINE OR I’M TIRED OF IT DRAGGING ON & ON & IN

  24. LaTanya says

    I believe Nikki Newman hit Delia. She was drunk and driving that night…

  25. Allison Stewart says

    Annette Hazelton…I totally agree with you. Dylan should find out there is no baby with delusional Sharon and go look for his true lost love Avery. I firmly believed from the start that Adam did not kill Delia. Getting tired of some of the storylines…writers! please give Sage her baby back!

  26. Cyria says

    Getting bored with the storyline it’s all repeating to past events give Adam a break Victor need to ease up dismiss Sharon and give Sage’s baby back to her why put Devon in such misery especially when he finally got Hillary back and with Neil tell if her the truth she still trust him come on enough is enough I only watch the show for a few minutes then turn the channel the storyline has gotten tired

    1. Terri says

      I agree with everyone I’m too gonna stop watching if they keep dragging all this crap on and I’ve watched it for 32 yrs and this is the worst story line ever written that i can remember!!! And yes pls give sage her baby back

  27. Sandra says

    I’m about ready to give this show up. It’s dragging to the point of boredom. I find myself fast forwarding just to get to the more interesting parts. I’ve always watched this show and there’s definitely a huge difference since you changed writers. Jeez. …

    1. Marie Louise says

      Ditto! Ridiculous storylines…I’m over it.

  28. Dd McCarthy says

    The paragon saga has gone on forever. Grown tired of Ian
    And,Patty. Victor and Adam need to get on board
    with a new relationship. The baby swap story is stupid
    pid. Give the baby back to Sage. Let sharon out of the looney bin.

  29. Deb says

    Phyllis is great!! Need old Billy back or a recast. Neil needs to go. Adam back with Chelsea. Nikki revealed as the one who hit Delia and Chole has always known it and she is I. Ward’s silent partner to bring down the Newman’s for it. Devon back with Hillary. If Neil stays he should be driven crazy over Devon’s and Hillary’s love and placed in the psyh ward. Put Sharon back in her right mind and Phyllis and Nick back together. Victor and Jack should unite for awhile. Ashley should be with Stitch. Cane and Lilly have run their course for now. Cane should bond and work with Jack and Victor as Paragon continues to be a threat. Great show!!!

  30. Marie Louise says

    Ridiculous storylines. There is not one character that I, as a viewer, even care to relate to. Sometimes it’s nice to watch a show that makes you feel good! After watching for over 20 years, I won’t even record this show…it’s not even fast-forward worthy viewing any more.

  31. Kathy Blake says

    I don’t like Adam Newman or Chelsea Newman. Of course she is going to think that Adam is inosent. Because she did a lot of lying herself. I don’t like sage, I wish that they would cast her off. I also wish they would cast victor Newman and Nikki Newman off. They need some new cast members. I think they should cast cane ashby off also. I never ever did like cane. He always tried to control lily and everyone he knew. Devon was another one I never ever liked. He should be casted off also

    1. Rachel says

      Really? I mean the way you see it is they should basically get rid of everyone! They will never get rid of Victor he is the show and makes things interesting at times. I do wish they would get on with the story lines. And let Adam and Victor be close to each other or something!

  32. Wanda says

    The storyline is too long. Adam did not kill Delia. Put him and his father together. Give sage her baby back. Get rid of Ian ward. Invent something new and close this other stuff down.

    1. Kimberly says

      I don’t get that story line neither and the writers could have kept that story line in the closet. The way it looks, look like she got a thing for Nick and want Sage away from him so she can get him but they need to cut that whole story out. These writers is making this show to the point where all their loyal viewers are not wanting to watch it anymore. I knew this was going to happen months ago shoot years ago how they write these stories. It drags out and is boring and has no life. The writers need to get it together.

  33. sandi says

    I don’t understand the story behind Sharon’s Dr taking sages baby and giving it to sharon. What did I miss?and who is behind it?

  34. baby says

    I believe that there is a possibility that Nikki killed Delia. If i remember correctly there was a time in the scene both vehicles showed on that same road at that time. I as lso think that the only reason that scarf or whatever the material was that Adam found under his vehicle could have been something that blew under and stuck under Adams vehicle.

  35. Lia says

    I always thought Kelly killed Dee because she was a teacher at her school during that time, and would have been in the same area attending the play that night. She was also distraught over the recent death of her own child, and was drinking around that time, so having her buzzed while driving home would have been plausible. Y&R chose to go in a totally different direction with Adam, but Kelly made far better sense.

  36. Kimberly says

    Y&R writers need to get it together with this show. They keep writing stupid, tired story lines that is way off base and makes no sense whatsoever. I am over it and reading all of these views I see other viewers are tired of it as well. Loyal viewers at that. These comments ought to tell the writers of Y&R something that they need to get it together or these actors or the show will not be winning anymore Emmys. I wish I had the time to comment on a lot of the pists from here because a lot of these posts are dead on when talking about these played out story lines. Writers you all better get on your A game before you lose all of Y&R’s viewers.

  37. Pam keller says

    YR. does need to get on with as far as Delia goes. Tell who killed her. And get on with another story line. Also it would be very interesting to see Victor go down for some of the things he gets into that are illegal and blackmailing other people and always getting away with it why not get a storyline going where Victor actually has to pay the cost of the things that he does that’s very illegal

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