‘The Young And The Restless’ POLL: Who Is Behind Ransom Scheme – Cane, Colin, Or Joe? VOTE!

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Is Behind Ransom Scheme - Cane, Colin, Or Joe?The Young and the Restless” spoilers revealed that Cane Ashby [Daniel Goddard] found proof that Joe Clark [Scott Elrod] framed him for extortion. He was positive he’d find proof in his hotel room, so sure he and his dad concocted a scheme to get him out of his suite to check the room.

When Cane arrived in his suite, he got the shock of his life- his wife, Lily [Christel Khalil] was naked in his bed. Cane didn’t seem too shocked by the sight and asked her to open his safe. At first, she refused to help him; however, eventually she gave in and helped him. In the safe, they found a black hoodie- the one used in the ransom sting. It was evident that Joe was either set up to be the one who took the money, or he set Cane up, so he could move in on his family.

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Fans of the show seem disturbed by the detail that Colin Atkinson [Tristan Rogers] was the one who arranged for Cane to find the hoodie. Colin is not the most honest person; it is hard for fans to trust him. Is it possible that Colin was the one who took the money, and is trying to get the heat off him [and his son], with the plan that Joe will take the fall for the incident?

Colin is a scam artist, but above that he is a father who loves his son. Does his love for money and power override his love for his child? Many fans think that he’d do anything for money. Most are not convinced that he could have set Joe up for the fall.

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When the ransom extortion storyline rolled out, immediately fans thought Collin HAD to behind it. It was right up his alley- stealing one million dollars and no real proof the person had Hilary Hamilton [Mishael Morgan]. As it sits right now, Chief of Police, Paul Williams [Doug Davidson] suspects whom Joe was involved. He told Cane there’s no real proof of his involvement, and he needed PROOF to clear him of the charges. Is it possible that Colin is orchestrating the whole thing?

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