‘The Young and the Restless’ Poll: The Best and Worst Y&R Role Recasts VOTE!

'The Young and the Restless' Poll: The Best and Worst Y&R Role Recasts VOTE!It is always difficult for a soap opera to replace a loved character. They know fans may not embrace the new actor as well as the previous one. The new actor is new to the character and the show- it can make scenes difficult to watch. There a few recasts that stand out as either very good ones or flat out terrible.

Best Recast

Victoria Newman– Amelia Heinle is a great choice for Victoria Newman. She can be ruthless, naïve about her dad, and she is beautiful. Previously, Heather Tom played her. Many felt the role didn’t fit Heather well.

Abby Newman– Melissa Ordway was the ideal Abby. She embodies everything you love or hate about Abby Newman. Previously, Abby was portrayed by Hayley Erin.

Adam Newman– The first-time Adam Newman was embraced by fans was when portrayed by Michael Muhney. He was a great Adam. He was sexy, smooth and couldn’t wait to get under Victor’s skin. If you didn’t love him- you love to hate him. When he was fired, fans though a new actor would never be able to impress them. That was until Justin Hartley stepped into the role of Adam. He was probably the best recast of the year on all four soaps. It was a home run.

Billy Abbott– before Billy Miller made the role his own, David Tom portrayed Billy. Miller was the ideal Billy. He created the image that he was playful, sexy, dedicated to family, and a great father. When he left “Young and the Restless,” fans were highly disappointed in Billy Abbott’s recast choice.

Worst Recast

Summer Newman– it’s hard to imagine but before Hunter King portrayed Summer, there was a great actress who portrayed her. Lindsay Bushman was cast as Summer in 2012 on a reoccurring status. She appeared in 23 episodes before losing the part to Hunter King.

Phyllis Summers– it’s hard to call Gina Tognoni a bad recast because Soap Opera Spy thinks she is a talented actress. With that being said, Phyllis was the wrong role for her. Phyllis was business savvy, crude, brilliant, cut throat, and extremely sexy. One thing she wasn’t is naïve or a victim. They have turned her into a saint, and for Phyllis’ fans it’s not working. It doesn’t help matters that Michelle Stafford was an amazing Phyllis. Trying to fill her shoes will be next to impossible.

Billy Abbott– it’s not that Burgess Jenkins was a bad recast, but Billy Miller was impossible shoes to fill. It must be hard for Jenkins to constantly hear about another actor who portrayed the character in a superior way. Burgess is a fine actor, but he seems too stiff and too old to play the part of Billy Abbott.

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  1. Judy Powers says

    The absolutely worst recast was Abby Newman. Marcy (now going by Emme) Rylan was far and away the best Abby. (I don’t even consider Hayley Erin because she only played the part for about 5 minutes, lol). Melissa Ordway can’t act her way out of a paper bag.

  2. Angela says

    I actually liked Burgess Jenkins, not at first but he really grew into the role & although I did like Miller & thought he did a really good job, I really like Burgess now & don’t think Jason Thompson will make a good Billy. But Adam is the best recast though cause Justin just brings something extra to the role, a vulnerability & I love him & Chelsea together.

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