‘The Young and the Restless’ News: Doug Davidson Thanks Fans For Support and Feedback For Y&R Character Paul Williams

'The Young and the Restless' News: Doug Davidson Thanks Fans For Support and Feedback For Y&R Character Paul Williams“The Young and the Restless” superstar, Doug Davidson posted to Twitter and looked back at his lifelong stint on the soap portraying Paul Williams. He noted that his life had changed so much both on and off the screen, and he is blessed for the opportunity to grow with his fans. He said that what keeps him working hard is the love from his fans.

He noted that his fans would give him feedback when Paul was not acting like they thought he should. He is being overwhelmed with the support of his fans at the moment, as hey grieve with him over Patty’s [maybe] death. He wrote that the fans were his greatest professional joy. His message to his fans:

“When I think back upon my 37 years on “Y&R,” and all the changes on the show has gone through on camera and off, I can honestly say the most important thing fo which I’m grateful [and there are many] and the most consistent, is our audience ad their love and devotion to the characters that live in Genoa City. “

“You have loyally supported Paul though the years and I will forever be grateful for the love and kindness you have shared with me and rooting for Paul. I see your crime fighting tips. I could feel your pain when Paul felt agony, and I feel your happiness when Paul found love. I could not have done this without you. You are truly my greatest professional joy. Thanks for all the years, and for the years that have yet to be.”

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  1. Nancy Brehm says

    Best cast of prople, been like s family. Look forward to every episode. Look forward to crying, laughing and enjoying manu more years!!

  2. Linda Averitt says

    Poor Paul has really got his hands full this time. I watch everyday and have for over 35 yrs. I kinda feel sometimes like you all are an extension of my family!

  3. Renee says

    Just love the heart of Paul Williams!
    You are the heart of that character Doug Davidson!!
    It was so hard watching you as you wanted to recuse Patty. I cried. But cried harder as you had to remind that witch of a wife you lost your sister. Praying for a much better Producer n writers for you!!!

  4. Jackie green says

    I have watched Paul actually grow up on Y&R I’ve watched since day one .. I love Paul and all of Y&R the new actors , Justin Hartley and Gina T.. Are the best too not to fond of. Lilly right now and tired of the Devon , , Hillary part give her her memory back

  5. CATHY GRUBB says

    I love Y&R.I have watched the show for many many years.I LOVE YOU on the show and most of the others on there you are one of the best,,have felt your pain an joy .wishing you the very best on an off screen .KEEP on doing as you are ,HOPE they will bring CHRISTINE’S role back to the kinder person she was .WANT you and her together and happy .

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