‘The Young and The Restless’ News: Chuck Pratt Reveals Why Harding Had To Be The Cabin Killer

YR-GCPD“Young and the Restless” fans are all up in arms about the big cabin killer reveal this week. Fans were promised a shocking reveal, and it fell very short. Soap Opera Digest revealed on Aug. 24 that the real reason the head writer, Chuck Pratt felt he needed to make Det. Harding (Chris McKenna) the cabin murderer. He felt he needed to do it in a way that didn’t place any blame on Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

Marco (Peter Bergman) never planned for anyone to die. At first, Det. Harding was only supposed to get the files from Austin (Matthew Atkinson) and delete them from his computer. The events that took place did not go according to either of their plans. Neither intended on killing anyone that night.

For weeks, fans assumed that Marco was the murderer, but that was never the way it was going to play out, according to head writer, Chuck Pratt. They couldn’t make Marco the killer because that would mean that Victor was at fault, too. After all; it was Victor who brought him to Genoa City to pretend to be Jack.

Marco never ordered Harding kill anyone. Marco did use the murders as a way to control Harding. He knew that he didn’t want the public knowing that he was the cabin killer, so he used that information to make Harding his puppet. And, it worked like a charm.

While Harding was hoping no one ever find out he was the murderer, Marco was preparing to take over Jack’s life.  Marco fell in love with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and the life they had. Harding realized the only way Marco was going to get Jack’s life was to kill Jack.  When Marco ordered him to do the deed Harding made excuses.  On Monday August 17 when Marco sets a trap for Jack Harding steps in and tells Marco it is a mistake.  Marco realizes that Harding has become a liability and shoots him.

Harding was working hard to make sure no one finds out he killed anyone and was hoping he could get away with it. But there is one person that that should have scared Harding, Marco.

Do you think Marco will take over Jack’s life again? Once Detective Harding’s body is found will Genoa City find out that Det. Harding is the cabin killer?

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  1. susan says

    we all knew that it wouldn’t be victor in the end, because that way he would have had to be gone, too bad, sorry guys, but he bores me to tears and then some……but a lot that I talk to, knew from day one that harding would go down for it…

    so now we have jack, and marco, jack and marco, jack and marco……and so on…..

    wake me up when marco is really dead, once and for all……..

  2. Mickie says

    I’m so damn sick of Victor he would not have to leave the show he needs to serve some jail time, he could have gone in and spent about 3 months in then got out on a technicality he needs some jail sheesh writers!!!

  3. monty Bowen says

    If Marco takes over been Jack again i am done watching Young & Restless

  4. monty Bowen says

    If Marco takes over Jack, i am done watching Young & Restless

    1. Joyce says

      I am done to. That story line is gettin so old and it shouldn’t of happen any way. and then the writer goin to have sage still Sage’s baby. Don’t even want to see that.

  5. Bettye says

    Victor should be found guilty. None of the murders would have ever happened if Victor had not brought Marco to town.

    1. Colleen says

      I am just plain tired of the writing on Y & R. Thiswhole storyline is stupid. Tired of dead people returning, plastic surgery doubles. Get new writers and bew storylines or this tv favorite will fall by the wayside like all the others. i have watched since day one. Now I don’t care to turn on the tv.

  6. Linda says

    I hope Victor is mistaken to hsve set up the killings and goes to REAL prison for awhile.
    And Nikki comes out better w/o him.
    Billy and Victoria break up…..ugh What are the writers thinking!
    Stitch and Ashley get together or Tucker comes back and Abby gets outta there somehow
    Lauren and Michael get back together
    And Christine gains about 30 pounds

  7. Ponce Turner says

    Victor is the cause of all the murder he should man up Kelly and all the other.

  8. Gwendolyn says

    I don’t understand how Sharon going to steal sage baby when her baby suppose to be Adam because if the baby have the blindness this disease Adam have in his eyes well known problem somebody going to suspect something if not they should….

  9. Jo jo says

    I now just check the spoilers tired of the insane writing bold beautiful and Y R have the same writers you people are in a rut you write for children with insane plots. Need to regroup and get some good story lines that you don’t milk for years by changing the actors.

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