‘The Young and the Restless’ News: Lindsey McKeon To Appear On Y&R As Michael’s Call Girl

'The Young and the Restless' News: Lindsey McKeon To Appear On Y&R As Michael's Call Girl

We previously reported that Lindsey McKeon, the actress who plays Marah on Guiding Light, will make an appearance on the hit daytime soap The Young and the Restless. The actress is set to appear on two episodes starting on Thursday, May 7 and play a character by the name of Felicity.

McKeon recently spoke with CBS Soaps In Depth and says of her character, “She’s confident, definitely a strong female character who is supportive in an odd way. It’s been fun for me to come back to daytime to play this character.”

Lindsey McKeon was a blonde when she played Marah on Guiding Light, but this time around she will sport a darker hair color and McKeon is loving it!

She says, “it was fun being blonde when I was young but then there were roles I’d audition for that didn’t feel like me because they’d lean more towards being ditzy. I definitely prefer more serious, dark roles. There’s a lightness and naiveté towards blondes. This feels more like me. It’s wonderful.”

The actress, who has been up for an Emmy award thanks to her time spent Springfield, says that Guiding Light certainly helped her prepare for this role.

McKeon reveals, “I think because I’d been on Guding Light I was able to get back into the flow. Daytime is it’s own machine and, thankfully, I can fit into it.”

Lindsey says that she would absolutely be interested in returning to daytime television and continuing as Felicity in the future. Right now, however, the actress is currently focused on her new job, a new prime time pilot Code Black. The actress has a role in the series, which is set to air on CBS if it is picked up. She says, “it’s set in an LA County hospital. There was a documentary done on this and now there’s a scripted series based on the documentary.”

It looks like there is a lot of exciting things happening for Lindsey McKeon. Be sure to tune in to The Young and the Restless on Thursday May 7 to see Felicity in action.

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